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This course offers a new and unique approach to assessment and treatment of the pelvis for birth. It gives you the skills needed to assess the pelvic floor muscles both internally and externally for birth and teaches you ways to release the tensions in these muscles. You will learn how to assess and release dysfunction in the abdominal fascia and uterine mobility so baby can position itself best for birth. With LOTS of hands on learning opportunities you will gain new skills in the treatment of the pregnant body and in helping moms carry their babies more comfortably during pregnancy.   After completing this course you will be able to give moms the confidence that their bodies are ready for a natural childbirth.

What to expect

This 3-day class is designed to help you learn hands-on-skills to support your patients for an easier birth and faster recovery no matter how the labor goes: naturally or with an epidural.  Knowing how to help reposition a baby in the belly and prepare the pelvis and pelvic floor for birth empowers you to assist your clients in having a better birth experience.  We will expose you to a whole new way of assessing the tissues of the body that could be applied to any of your clients.

Who is it for?

  • Birth professionals
  • Midwives
  • Massage therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Women’s health physical therapists.

By Attending this Course you will:

  • Stand out in your community as the go-to-expert for pregnancy related issues.
  • Learn new assessment and treatment skills that you can apply to any client
  • Be more effective in your treatment of pregnant women were you get results in as little as one session!
  • Be confident in your new skills to effectively implement them as soon as you get back into the clinic.
  • Identify pre-existing conditions that prevent normal pregnancy and delivery and what can be done about them.
  • Identify signs and symptoms of pubic symphysis dysfunction and how to protect the pelvis during labor, especially with an epidural, to prevent permanent disability.
  • Learn about different pre-existing back conditions and which labor positions are best.
  • Understand the common birth patterns the pelvis goes into for birth and its implications for subsequent pregnancies.

Course Details

The course begins on Friday at 9am and ends on Sunday at 5pm.  Please arrange travel plans to be present the entire time.

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