Lynn Schulte | 3 keys to clinic success

Show Notes:

If so, start by asking yourself these questions: 

  • How would you rate your anatomy knowledge?
  • How comfortable are you naming the structures under your hands while in the clinic?
  • Can you easily palpate a structure if one is named?

In today’s episode, Lynn discusses three keys to becoming a better clinician. Listen in to learn practical suggestions on how to improve in these areas and develop the skills that will positively impact your success with your clients.

The first key is the intention you have when working on your client. Do you approach the session with a clean slate? Are you grounded? Is being a loving presence important? A loving connection to the body can create great healing. Focusing on being present for the client has a positive impact. 

The second key is anatomy, anatomy, anatomy! You need to know what you are touching and how it relates to the rest of the body. No body part works in isolation. Understanding the position of the bones and their movements in relationship to the organs, nerves, blood vessels and muscles is essential to creating effective change. It is not uncommon that the organs and bony structures are affecting the muscles of the pelvic floor. Knowing how to mobilize them is essential. 

The third key is your palpation skills. When you put your hands on the body can you name the structures under your hands? This is an important skill to know. Do you know what directions those structures should be able to move in? If something is not moving or feels stuck, how can you make a change to the structure that will affect the area? These are all questions we can ask ourselves when treating a client that will give us better insight into what is going on in the body.

Do you want to practice your skills and get feedback on your knowledge and technique? If so, consider attending a Live Course with Lynn Schulte. Live courses give you lots of opportunity to practice in a small group setting, so you can get additional feedback on your techniques and feel the work on multiple bodies, including your own. Spots are filling up fast for this summer. If you are learning how to palpate the body or want more feedback on your palpation skills, consider taking the Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body Live Course first as we spend more time on palpation in this course.

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