I’m really frustrated.  There are too many women not enjoying sex because it hurts.  For many women sex is uncomfortable.  And for some, it’s an unbearable experience.   It breaks my heart to know that there are women out there not able to enjoy themselves when there is a really simple solution to their problem.  

I see and hear about this all the time from clients in my practice where I have helped thousands of women be able to enjoy sex again, most of the time in as little as one visit!

Yet so many women aren’t getting the help they need because doctors don’t fully understand what is going on with this area.  It’s not their fault really.  When you realize we have three different doctor specialties, urologists, gynecologists and proctologists, all in this tiny little area and many of them have never been trained in the musculoskeletal component of this area.  

In this blog we are going to dispel the 3 most common fallacies that doctors tell you when it comes to pain with intercourse.  



They’re right in a way.  Doctors are just looking at the superficial tissues in the vagina that look normal and healthy and telling you everything looks just fine in there. There’s nothing wrong with the look of things.  But here’s the deal:  They are not checking the mobility of these tissues.  Yes, they look normal and healthy but very few realize the expansion needed in these tissues in order for intercourse to be pain-free.   And they don’t seem to understand the role scar tissue has in preventing this mobility.  

If you are having insertional pain, difficulty allowing the penis inside, the pelvic floor muscles or connective tissues are not able to expand and open up.   There are several issues that may be at play keeping these tissues locked down tight and not willing to open up!   Trauma, your bladder being malpositioned from childbirth, or scar tissue from tearing are just a few issues needing to be addressed before you can get a good release in these muscles and tissues to allow them to open up.  

Deep thrusting pain is also created from tissues that don’t move freely but this time the problem is farther up inside your vagina.  Scar tissue from c-section or other lower abdominal surgeries can be inhibiting the mobility of your vaginal walls from moving up and down like it needs to for thrusting.   Bonus Myth:  Doctors tell you there’s no evidence that massaging your abdominal scar helps but I’m here to tell you that it does!  Check out my YouTube Video: How to Massage Your C-Section Scar!  



No amount of foreplay or wine is going to help release restricted tissue and get it to  move like it needs to so you don’t have pain anymore.  It’s not a problem of enough lubrication or being in the mood.  Your tissues are stuck and can’t expand and open up to allow for penetration or deep thrusting. Until you release the tissues nothing else is going to help!  



This one makes me crazy and breaks my heart!! So many women are left thinking there is something wrong with them mentally because it hurts to have intercourse. Yet it truly is a mechanical problem of the tissues.  UGHH!  If doctors only knew about tissue flexibility and expandability they wouldn’t be blaming women for being frigid or just not wanting to have sex.   If it hurts to insert the speculum it’s because the tissues can’t expand and if doctors aren’t checking out the vaginal opening with their fingers and not using a speculum they are missing the boat!  

Please know that these are just misconceptions from well-meaning doctors.  In my practice at the Institute for Birth Healing, we can help most women enjoy intercourse again in as little as ONE VISIT!  Most of the practitioners who have taken my courses are able to get the same results.  You can check them out here in our directory to see if one is near you.  If you’ve been seeing another physical therapist and not getting any results and are still having pain, please schedule a session with one of us.  We work more intuitively and address both the energetic, emotional and physical aspects of what is causing your pain.  You must release the trauma from the tissues first in order for the muscles and tissues to relax.  Please don’t give up and know that pain-free intercourse is within your reach.  Most of the time it only takes one 60-minute session for you to be able to enjoy intercourse again and actually wanting it!  

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