5 Holistic Treatment Concepts That Get Great Results

Five Holistic Treatment Concepts 

That Get Great Results

Holistic treatment isn’t just a buzzword at the Institute for Birth Healing. It is the foundation of our courses which incorporate the mind, body, spirit, and emotional connection. The holistic treatment approach gets to the root of imbalance or pain in the body and helps facilitate complete healing. With a holistic treatment approach, you will learn how to take your clients to the next level in health and wellness. You will strengthen your unique skills and gifts to create more fulfillment in your work. Learn about the five holistic treatment concepts:

Discover Your Gifts

You have specific and unique gifts to share through your work – this is why you became a manual pelvic health therapist. Using a holistic treatment focus, you will tune into and strengthen these gifts. You will discover your unique expression within your work. Stepping into your own gifts can be incredibly fulfilling and help you stand out as “the” go-to physical therapist.

Root Cause

Have you ever had a client come back complaining of the same pain you just treated? With the holistic treatment protocol, you get to the root of pain in the body. You can treat the physical or emotional sources and eliminate repeat pain patterns. Addressing the root cause will reduce frustration for your clients and get them feeling better long term.

Listen with Your Ears, Hands, and Gut

Listening to your client with your ears, hands and gut provide you with a lot more information than listening with just ears alone. Pain in the body may appear in one area yet be linked elsewhere. More information means a better success rate in releasing restrictions fully. Pain and imbalance in the body can be felt and sensed by an attentive pelvic health practitioner. A holistic treatment approach teaches you to listen fully. When you listen fully, you uncover the larger picture the body is communicating.

Shift Limiting Beliefs

Working with a new or pregnant parent to shift limiting beliefs can regulate their nervous system and promote healing. New parents experience lots of change and uncertainty, which can trigger trauma. Trauma can result from past experiences or may be related to pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experiences. Trauma switches the body into a fight-or-flight response and may implant negative limiting beliefs into our subconscious mind. These beliefs can move the body’s resources away from running optimally and present pain in the body. Shifting limiting beliefs helps release this trauma and can eliminate the pain.

Trust in Your Hands

Let your hands guide the work. The holistic treatment approach teaches you to palpate the body to feel for restrictions in the tissues, bones, and muscles. Hardness, a lack of movement, or imbalance in the body shows you where to work. When you trust in your hands, you connect with and receive the body’s guidance. This guidance helps you do a better job at locating and releasing restrictions fully.


A holistic treatment approach gives you a larger toolbox to work with. You will learn how to address the whole health of your clients. Releasing physical restrictions and including the mind, body, spirit, and emotional connection in your treatment gets to the root cause of pain and immobility. Holistic treatment concepts give you more information to help your clients heal faster. A holistic approach will also set you apart as a physical therapist. You will strengthen your unique gifts. You will build confidence in your skills. There can be more than just treating a symptom and moving on to the next patient. There can be fulfillment and joy in your work – consider the IBH holistic treatment approach.

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