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A Wellness Mindset

Have you ever wondered how someone became so successful in growing their practice?

In today’s podcast, Kathleen Vigo, PT and owner of Painless Pregnancy shares her secret to success in turning a company that began as a side hustle into a thriving business with 25 employees, most of whom are full-time. You might be surprised how simple it was. Listen in to find out her secrets to success. 

Kat emphasizes the importance of the sales process and how following up with your clients is a key to getting them to continue their treatment and create a relationship with the practitioner they are working with. Follow up includes calls, texts and emails as touch points. Persist for clients’ own care when they are not capable of doing this for themselves. 

Marketing also plays a big role in her success. She sets up treatment packages and makes sure clients know the options available. She suggests that you begin talking about next steps such as a new package 2-3 visits prior to the first finishing. 

Another key to success is creating a wellness mindset.  Provide value for your clients by creating ways to support their wellness from head to toe. By focusing on mind, body and soul clients will reach out to you for continued support, and will, likely, come back to see you monthly for care. Wellness focused care stacks up the value because iIt allows you, as the practitioner, to find practical solutions to everyday problems for the client that might not be mentioned during a typical therapy session. Shifting your mindset to a perspective that every client can become a wellness client and providing to that need can make growth possible and easy. 

A final piece of advice Kat shares is that you, as a practitioner, need to take care of yourself. Take vacations, invest in continuing education and take time to fill your own cup. Out of your wellness, you will be able to listen, create and grow. Meeting the needs of the clients from your own position of wellness (physically, mentally and spiritually) will enable your business to grow.

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