Lynn Schulte | Assessing the Pregnant Body

Show Notes:

In today’s podcast Lynn talks about a postpartum client she is working with who was never assessed during her pregnancy and ended up having a traumatic birth.

In the USA, medical providers focus on keeping the baby and mom alive in the birth process. Yet we as a medical/health community can be doing so much more to prepare mom’s body for birth. We can learn how to assess the sacral position, pelvic floor muscles and the uterine ligaments to get the body in the best position possible for a smooth birth. Another thing we can do is teach moms how to push prior to being in labor, so they will know what this feels like and how to engage their pelvic muscles when it is time to push during childbirth. A lack of preparation can lead to longer and more traumatic births. Listen in to learn more about Lynn’s case study and tips on how to better support your pregnant clients and prepare them for a smoother birth. 

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