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Prevent 3 Agonizing Issues from C-Section Scar Tissue

C-section Scar Tissue Techniques to Stop Low Back Pain, Frequent Urination, and Painful Intercourse for Postpartum Clients 3 Agonizing Issues Caused by C-Section Scar Tissue C-section scar tissue, when left untreated, can create complications in the body, including low back pain, frequent urination, and painful intercourse. When scar tissue forms, it can go in different directions in the body adhering to tissues and surrounding organs. It can create adhesions in the abdomen, on the colon, ovaries, or between the bladder and uterus. [...]

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Evolution of Pelvic Health in Physical Therapy Practices

Evolution of Pelvic Health How We Identify at the Institute for Birth Healing Pelvic Health’s Evolution The evolution from Women’s Health to Pelvic Health has been an ongoing topic of conversation and debate within healthcare and physical therapy practices for the past two decades.  Pelvic health is defined by Baylor College of Medicine as “the best possible functioning and management of the bladder, bowel, and reproductive organs. It is not merely the absence of disease or weakness in these [...]

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Self Care Meditation

Are You Taking Care of Yourself? Self Care  We all know how to care for others, but do we take care of ourselves? Unfortunately, research tells us that we are less likely to follow our own advice. Today, I invite you to begin a daily self-care routine. Set aside as little as 5 to 10 minutes to care for yourself. You will be amazed at how little time it takes to shift your body and mind.  Experts suggest varying [...]

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5 Holistic Treatment Concepts That Get Great Results

Five Holistic Treatment Concepts  That Get Great Results Holistic treatment isn’t just a buzzword at the Institute for Birth Healing. It is the foundation of our courses which incorporate the mind, body, spirit, and emotional connection. The holistic treatment approach gets to the root of imbalance or pain in the body and helps facilitate complete healing. With a holistic treatment approach, you will learn how to take your clients to the next level in health and wellness. You will [...]

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What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic Treatment Approach to Speed Up Recovery and Promote Complete Healing   “Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness,” according to WebMD. And the holistic medicine philosophy suggests one can achieve optimal health -- the primary goal of holistic medicine practice -- by gaining proper balance in life. The Institute for Birth Healing’s definition and philosophy is in alignment [...]

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Case Study: Mastitis in Breastfeeding Woman

Connection of arm lines and mastitis in breastfeeding woman Introduction A 37-year-old woman presented with h/o 4 episodes of mastitis in the last one year. She is 1 year postpartum and breastfeeding. The client has h/o natural birth with min tearing and she had only one episode of mastitis after her first born. The client is doing her PhD and she has to spend time in front of the computer for her thesis. The client is an active runner. [...]

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