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Is Your Due Date Coming and Your Baby Not Dropping?

Is your baby due soon and he/she’s not engaging into your pelvis?  Feeling your baby should be dropping down into your pelvis a little more than he/she is? There is one major thing you need to check to see if it is what is stopping your baby from coming on down.   CHECK OUT YOUR PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES!   I encourage every woman, about to give birth, to assess her pelvic floor muscle tone.  (Actually every woman should check their [...]

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Is Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Causing Your Low Back Pain?

Low back pain is a common complaint with people across all ages and stages of life.  Because there are so many structures in the low back that can be causing your pain, it’s important to know from where the source of your pain is coming.  One area that may be contributing to your back pain is your sacroiliac joint (SIJ).  Your sacrum sits at the base of your spine and the two broad elephant ear shaped bones, called your [...]

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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction- Part 2

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction- Part 2 If your low back pain is caused by your sacroiliac joint dysfunction and isn’t responding to traditional treatment there are two areas that you need to check out. In the first part of this post we talked about how lower abdominal scar tissue may be inhibiting your sacrum.  Lack of mobility in the sacrum can cause dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint. Another area you should have checked out is your pelvic floor muscles.  Since [...]

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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction- Part 1

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Part 1- Scar tissue   Low back pain is a very common complaint with most people.  There are many different structures in the low back area that can be causing the pain.   The sacroiliac joint is one of the most common areas that can be in dysfunction creating low back pain. Looking at the back of the pelvis showing the sacroiliac joints While common treatments such as joint mobilizations, manipulations, stabilization exercises and [...]

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What is your mother’s gift to you?

The ancestral heritage of our mothers, beneficial or baggage? When we are pregnant we have lots of time to plan and ponder our new role as mom.  What kind of mom do you wish to be?  Is there a gender that you have any fears around raising? What was your relationship like with your mother? What aspects from your mother do you wish to pass on and which do you choose to abandon? I saw a pregnant woman today [...]

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Following your Intuition during Pregnancy

A friend of mine wrote this amazing article that I just had to share with you all, a must read if you are pregnant or in the birth field.  It's all about dealing with fears, learning to ground yourself and access your intuition to manage your pregnancy.  So many tests are done that create fear and this article helps you navigate the best course of your pregnancy care, by following your own instincts. Loved it, hope you do too! [...]

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