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Open Birthing Patterns in the Pelvis

Open Birthing Patterns in the Pelvis When a baby comes out vaginally, there are a lot of accommodations the tissues of the pelvis have to go through in order to accomplish this feat.  We know the muscles and vaginal tissues need to stretch to allow the baby through, but the pelvic bones also need to move. If you look at the picture below, you see all the different directions the bones of the pelvis need to move in order [...]

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Pelvic Pain After Pregnancy

Pelvic Pain After Pregnancy Pelvic pain is an issue a lot of women deal with. There are multiple issues that can create pelvic pain and sometimes it's just not obvious as to the culprit of the pain. One of the possible causes of pelvic pain could be childbirth. One study reported 2-10% of women experience chronic pain after a vaginal delivery.  Having had an assisted vaginal birth was the main factor in having pain and pain intensity was higher [...]

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Walking for Pelvic Organ Support

Walking for Pelvic Organ Support Do you ever think about your organs in your body? Most of us never really do. Unless something starts talking to us by pain or discomfort, we don’t really think much about it.  This is especially true for our pelvic organs.  Our pelvic organs can be really happy campers in there when all is going well. But when things go south (literally), they really start talking to us. When your pelvic organs fall out [...]

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Dear New Dads/Partners

Dear New Dads/Partners, I’m writing to you today to help shed a little light on your new sex life with a newborn.  Yes, did you notice I said “new” there?   That is because there are significant changes that happen to a person’s body once they’ve given birth.  To win brownie points with your partner, it’s best that you understand these changes the better your life will be, and that includes the sex part too!   I’m speaking from the [...]

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Mother Yourself As You Always Wished Your Mother Had Done

Relationship with Mom and Self We all have or had a mom.  That person who carried you in her womb and brought you out into this world.    Some of us feel we’ve won the mother lottery and others not so much.   Some moms are just bad at being moms.  Some are good moms.   Your relationship with your mom is a vital component of yourself.  No matter what situation you are in, I ask you to see how [...]

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How To Massage Your C-Section Scar

If you’ve had a Cesarean birth please read on…. There is one thing you must do after having a c-section to save yourself many painful problems down the road.  The thing is, most doctors won’t tell you to do this. It’s really simple but some women have an aversion to doing it.  What is it? It’s c-section scar massage.  Once you get the ok from your doctor that your scar is well healed, usually at your 6-week check-up, you [...]

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