Fasciathérapie Kathleen Nugent à OM Studio

Fasciathérapist for Soothing Perinatal Care
Business Name: Fasciathérapie Kathleen Nugent à OM Studio
Business Phone Number: 819-806-2978
Business Address: 88 St Jean Baptiste,
Victoriaville, QC G6P 4E8, Canada
Zip Code: QC G6P 4E8
Profession: Fasciatherapist MDB
Certified Birth Healing Specialist: No
Courses: Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body
Long Business Description:

Kathleen’s passion for helping mother and baby has been the focus of her career for 35 years.and has led her to become an accredited Fasciatherapist. The specialized care she provides is deeply versed in her experience as doula, prenatal instructor, fasciatherapist/somato-pédagogue, massage therapist, infant massage instructor. Whether in preparing the body for birth or assisting in reaching a new balance after birth, her soothing hands offer understanding of both the physical and émotionnel aspects of healing. Kathleen is also known for her unique and soothing care of tension in newborns.