Christmas 2020

While Santa says Ho, Ho, Ho

To 2020 we say Heck No, No, No!

What a year of massive upheaval and change

All our lives have been completely rearranged!

Austin’s back home and to China, he said goodbye

He’s not going back and will become a CU alumni.

Working part-time at Matador in Boulder and studying too

He’s loving the Boulder lifestyle and all the climbing there is to do.

Covid lockdown turned my boys into remodeling pros

They knocked down a wall to open up my kitchen so now it flows

Into my remodeled family room with TV surround sound

It’s now a wonderful room for us to gather around.

A coffee table was made from the knocked down wall

Austin’s become quite the woodworker making a clock and all.

A salmon ladder was a project the boys worked on together

Upper body and core strength for them is sure getting better.

Justin missed his senior prom but still got to walk for graduation.

We gratefully had family come in town for a socially distanced celebration.

Justin is a CSU and escaped having to live in the dorm.

Living at home and online studying for him is becoming the norm.

I’m so grateful my business is continuing to thrive

Having all my courses online has helped us survive.

Instead of traveling all over the world and teaching

Zoom has helped get my work even more far-reaching.

Creativity has allowed me to pivot my business and grow

Offering my courses in new ways is helping to bring in the dough.

I’m learning to never say never cause as soon as I do

I’m doing what I thought would never come true.

I’m grateful for how Covid has slowed my life down.

I have more time for myself and am enjoying having the boys around.

I’ll be grateful for the end of social distancing and masks

So we all can get back to our normal living tasks.

While 2020 should have been the year to see things more clearly

Hopefully, we all learned to cherish what we hold more dearly.

May next year bring us all back together with this pandemic all done

And may all the blessings, joy, and happiness be yours in 2021.

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