PREGNANCY CASE STUDY: Restoring function in pregnancy

PREGNANCY CASE STUDY: Restoring function in pregnancy


Introduction: I love how the techniques taught in the Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body course can really help our clients eliminate pain in one session and significantly help with restoring function in pregnancy. It’s amazing how mobilizing the bones of the pelvis out of any birth pattern causes immediate relief for most people, especially during pregnancy. Here is a case study from one of our certified Birth Healing Practitioners sharing these incredible results on restoring function in pregnancy.

Client Characteristics: Patient is a 35-year-old female who is 36 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child. Her first delivery was a c-section in 2018 due to the baby not descending on her own with induction after 24 hours. Her current complaint is urinary leakage with coughing/sneezing since the birth of her first child. She also complains of LBP and pubic pain, pain with sit to stand, stairs, and pulling on her pants in standing. She is having pubic pain and sometimes wears a belly band. The pubic and LBP is based on activity. She has it with sit to stand and initiating walking. She also has pain with walking for over 10 minutes. She takes the stairs 1 step at a time and gets pubic pain with putting pants on while standing. Denies constipation, not in the mood for sex.

Examination Findings in Restoring Function in Pregnancy:

Pain Assessment: Pain 9/10

Standing: Bell rung up posture, upper chest breathing pattern, no lower rib, sacrum or pelvic floor movement with her breath.

Assessed her pelvis supine with foam pad: normal sacral mobility with supine assessment, right ischium outflare, right ilium outflare in side lying, normal pubis alignment, no hardness felt with assessment. No PF excursion with breath in supine, sitting, or standing.

Treatment: Performed ischium rebalancing supine, ilial compression side-lying outflare, and sitting levator ani release with bony approximation supine

Home Program: Gave patient cat/cow, side-lying rotation stretch for improved 360 D breathing. Instructed her on finding ribs on pelvis posture and ease of 360 D breath and breathing into her ribs/pelvis piston science. Taught her how to engage her tva/hug baby in standing and in all 4s.

Outcomes: She came in the following visit and was able to go on a half-mile walk, had no pain with sit to stand, and had a significant reduction in her pubic pain. She noted less LBP overall and started noticing she is getting some contractions. She was impressed with how much better she felt.

Assessment and Treatment on 2nd visit: Patient had no pelvic restrictions. We worked on hip hinge, squat mechanics with breath and lower ab engagement. We also discussed working on hugging and humming baby to prepare for birth during bowel movements. She canceled her last visit due to having the baby.

Closing Summary: Imagine having this immediate success with your clients. It’s possible when you know the correct assessments and treatments for your pregnant and postpartum clients. Our Holistic courses give you everything you need to be successful with your clients. Check them out!

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