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I haven’t had a baby, will you still work with me?2017-08-04T02:20:55+00:00

Absolutely!  Any women with any issue is welcomed.  While I market and speak mainly to pregnant and postpartum women, I work a lot with infertility issues and any pelvis/hip or other injuries.  Using the techniques I use I can feel into the energy of your body and see what is really going on.

If you question your situation feel free to email me with your issues and I’ll be happy to reply and see if I think I can help you.

Yes I also work with men, but not very often.  Some husbands have found their way into my clinic and while I don’t mind working with them occasionally, I enjoy my women clients!!

What if I have my period the day of my appointment?2017-07-27T13:29:02+00:00

That is not a problem on our end.  If you are uncomfortable with internal work while menstruating, we are not, only external work can be done.  You can still keep your appointment if you’d like.

Can I bring my child to my appointment?2017-07-27T13:27:38+00:00

It is up to you whether or not you’d like to have your child/baby at the session.  We welcome all children and do our best to keep them happy while we work on you. The appointment is an opportunity to focus in on and take care of you.  Whatever that needs to be, whether your child/baby is present or not, is up to you.  If you do bring your baby and there is time in the appointment, Lynn is happy to see if there is anything going on in your baby’s body if you like.

I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment, what do I do?2017-07-27T13:26:56+00:00

Ideally we like to have 24 hours notice of any cancellations.  If you know ahead please go here to cancel and reschedule:  https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/IHP67J

However we understand that life happens, especially with little ones, so if you need to cancel the day of the appointment, please text Lynn at 303-845-0604 and include your name!  Please don’t email, as she most likely will not get it in time to know.

Because of our extensive waitlist, forgetting your appointment and not showing up will result in a $50 cancellation fee and/or a forfeiture of your prepaid appointment.

Where are you located?2017-07-27T13:24:21+00:00

My sessions in Boulder are held at the Joy Collective at 2800 Folsom St., near Folsom and Valmont.  We are located across the street from the Unity Church and right next door to the Birth Center of Boulder.   Come on in and wait in the lobby, my office is right there.  I’ll be right out to get you when I’m ready.

In Denver my sessions are held in the Mamahood at 2902 Zuni St.  I work out of a room in the back of the store.  Just let the staff at the desk know you are here to see me and I’ll be right out to get you when I’m ready.

Do you know someone in my area that can help me?2019-09-13T21:58:51+00:00

I am offering courses to birth professionals, physical therapists, chiropractors and other professionals and am creating a list of those who have attended our courses.  We have a directory of these practitioners on this website.

You can check it out here Professionals Directory

If you don’t have a practitioner in your area, please encourage any practitioners in your area to come to a course or take it online then they would be able to help you after they attend.

It is my goal to train professionals all over the world so you can get the help you need to recover fully after birth.  Please help in encouraging your providers to attend these courses and get certified!  They need to know there is a need from you!  Thank you for your help in getting this work into more providers’ hands so more moms can be helped.

My “baby” is older, would I still benefit from a session with you?2017-07-27T13:21:17+00:00

Absolutely!  It doesn’t matter how long it’s been.  Coming in for an assessment of your problems can help any issue you may be experiencing.  I just recommend coming in sooner rather than later as the longer the issues have been in your tissues the more sessions required to release them!  Even if you aren’t having any issues a pelvic floor care session is beneficial to your long-term health of this area.  Keep your pelvic organs in place and happy with some holistic pelvic care.  You’ll be amazed at how much this area needs your love and attention.  Working with the energy and tissues in this area can help you show up more centered, grounded and powerfully in your life.

Do you work with babies and children?2017-07-27T13:20:26+00:00

I love to!  Babies and children typically only need 30-minute appointments but I find newborn babies benefit the most from mom getting some work done too.  Healing any birth related trauma is extremely helpful in calming your baby and establishing a greater connection between you two.    So if you are having any breastfeeding or connection issues with your baby and would like some help I recommend an initial full hour session so both you and your baby can get some work done and then seeing what needs to happen for follow up appointments.   Young children should be scheduled for a 30-minute appointment.

Do you take insurances?2017-07-27T13:19:47+00:00

We are not a preferred provider with any insurance company, nor do we do any billing.

A statement can be provided that you may send to your insurance company for reimbursement as they allow.  We do not fill out forms or respond to requests from insurance companies, which may affect reimbursement.

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