To become certified as a Birth Healing Expert, you need to attend all three courses, the two basis courses, Pregnancy and Postpartum, and attend the Advanced Postpartum Course.

After each basic course there is a written exam that needs to be passed by 85%.  If you don’t pass it, you can retake the exam within two weeks time.  The Advanced course does not have a written exam.

After both basic courses are taken you will need to set up a Skype session with Lynn and have a patient to work on during the call.  5 random techniques will be selected for you to perform on your patient as Lynn observes.  Hand placement, motion, assessment and treatment will be assessed for each skill.   Scoring will be based on a 3 point system with a total of 12 points for each skill.   A score of 50/60 points or above is needed to pass.    You may also do this skills assessment at the Advanced course.

If you do not pass, reassessments are possible at an additional cost.

Once you have completed the courses you will also need to write up 2 cases studies per course based on the information covered.  A total of 6 write ups must be submitted to gain your certification: 2 pregnant clients, 2 postpartum clients and 2 clients you’ve worked with using the advanced techniques.   Each write up needs to include your clients original complaint, what you assessed and found, how you treated and the results of those treatments. The case studies be limited to 2 pages maximum.

Once all of this is completed and passed you will receive a certification seal that you can use on your website and in social media to promote that you are a Certified Birth Healing Specialist.

Further questions regarding this certification process should be emailed to