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Want to know how to get the most out of your interactions with your clients?

In today’s episode physical therapist Heather Hannam shares her pearls of wisdom she has gained from her 40 years of practice. First Heather reminds us that every client we encounter needs to feel seen, heard, respected and supported. Second, she suggests reading back the patient’s subjective from the eval to them so they are able to gain perspective as to how far they have progressed since the start of care.

In some cases they will not remember stating an issue and it has been completely resolved. Allowing them to correct and retell their story throughout your time working together tends to reveal issues that were never mentioned and potentially their causes. When stories come out of the client during sessions usually they have a purpose related to what is being treated. Finally, she encourages us, as medical providers, to teach a patient to advocate for themselves in the medical system.

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About Heather Hannam:

Heather is a life long Oregonian, who received a B.S. degree in Physical Education from Portland State University in 1976. At PSU, she was honored as the Outstanding Woman Graduate from the department of Physical Education. Heather graduated with her degree in physical therapy from Pacific University in 1978.
Heather was employed in busy outpatient orthopedic physical therapy practices for her first 19 years, including working with the trainers of the Portland Timbers professional soccer team. While developing her manual therapy skills, she nurtured her budding interest in women’s health issues to include teaching childbirth education since 1981.

Her last 25 years continued her specialization and added TMJ focus by pursuing advanced course work in manual therapies (including visceral/Craniosacral/myofascial release, muscle energy, tensegrity, Primal Reflex Release Technique – “PRRT,” massage/spinal mobilization), exercise, mindfulness, biofeedback, women’s health care including Holistic Pelvic Care and Holistic Care of the Pre and Post-Partum Body, pelvic floor rehabilitation for women and men, and Distance Healing from the Core.

She has been a teaching assistant and lecturer for Suzanne Scurlock’s “Healing the Pelvic Core: Reclaiming your Power, Sexuality and Pleasure Potential” class each summer at Esalen, Big Sur since 2008. She guest lectured on relaxation and stress management for her local high school for 15 years, and provides physical therapy consultation and stress management for her parish community. As a holistic manual physical therapist, Heather brings a unique variety of skills and personal life experiences that enhance her commitment to the best care possible for her clients.Heather retired from specialized TMJ and pelvic care clinic work in 2022, and now has a humble private practice in her home.

Heather enjoys camping and playing cribbage with her husband of 48 years and four children, is an active “Grand” for her 7 grandkidlets, writes poetry, assists her friend offering body work/respite to through-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail for a week in Spring, and is a lifelong seeker of personal and spiritual growth.

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