Landy Peek | What’s Your Inner Identity

Show Notes:

Who do you need to be to create the things you want to create?

In today’s podcast, Occupational Therapist and Growth and Mindset Coach, Landy Peek shares her knowledge on addressing the disconnect between our inner identity and building our dream practice. Landy works with business owners to help them shift their inner identity to support the birth of their business creation.

What is your inner identity? Is it time to do some weeding in your personality garden so it truly reflects who you are and want to be? Our inner identity is who we are on a subconscious level. Like a garden, as we develop, we allow family, friends, teachers and many others to plant seeds in our inner garden which can then shape how we perceive ourselves.

The question is, do these seeds (or labels) accurately reflect who you are? Landy gives us permission to pull out identities that are not us and to embody the identity of who we see ourselves to be in our desired role. Living through this identity aligns us with the creative energy to bring our desires to fruition. You don’t want to miss this challenging and insightful conversation!

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About Landy Peek:

Landy Peek helps therapists take control of their time and energy so they can create a life they love, prioritizing fun, family, and themselves while still creating a thriving business. Landy is a Growth Mindset Coach for therapists, OT, pelvic therapist, and somatic experiencing trauma therapist who specializes in birth trauma in her private practice. She is a mom of two and loves hiking beautiful Colorado with her family and watching her backyard chickens.


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