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In today’s episode, Lynn shares a case study about a client who came to see her after a fall. Listen in to hear what I found and how I helped her.  The client felt like her entire left side was frozen and complained of left-sided neck and shoulder pain.

The client had already undergone a series of tests to find the root of her pain, but all the tests showed that nothing was physically wrong. Lynn went through her assessment and used general listening, an osteopathic technique, to determine where to best support the client that day. She treated the areas that came up from this technique, and the client left the session feeling great. 

Two days later, the client had another fall, and called for another appointment. When she came back for her second visit, Lynn listened to the body, again, and discovered that the root of the issue was not just a physical issue. There was a limiting belief at play that they addressed in session to help better support this client in her overall well-being.

Lynn primarily works with the pregnant and postpartum populations; however, the work she teaches in her classes is applicable to all populations. To learn more, check out her full course list at the Institute for Birth Healing or check out her blog for additional free resources.

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