Love is in the air, is it for you?

Love is in the air, is it for you?

Can You Say “I Love Myself?”

Unfortunately, not many people can.  Most women are really good at pouring the love out to others, partners, children, family and friends that when it comes to actually loving themselves, it’s a hard thing to do.
I think all of us are on a journey to learn to love ourselves more.  Here are three things that I feel have had the greatest impact in my ability to have greater love for myself.

4 Secrets to Loving Yourself


Secret #1:  It’s either Love or Fear, which are you in right now?

The world is only made up of two different kinds of energy, Love or Fear.
You can’t experience both at the same time.  Every emotion and feeling boils down to either of these two energies.
When we are feeling love our bodies and cells expand and we are open and receptive.  When we are living in fear our bodies and cells contract and we close ourselves down to life.
Being aware of the state of your feelings is the first step to changing it.  When I notice myself contracting in a fear based response, I simply notice it and focus in on sometime that can open my heart to love instead by doing Secret #2.


Secret #2:  Have Gratitude for Everything

One of the easiest things we can do to bring in more of what we want in life, including love, is to have gratitude for everything.
Be grateful for all your talents, gifts and abilities that come natural and easy to you.
Not everyone has what you have.  Honor that and cherish the blessings that you bring to your life and the lives of all that you encounter.
Keep your focus on what you do like and not about what we don’t like about yourself.
Where your attention goes, energy flows and results show.  Focus on the positive and be grateful for having them so you have more positive showing up.
Feel that gratitude in your body and embrace it fully.  That is love.

Secret #3:  Use your Imagination to remember your perfection  

Our mind knows no difference between our imagination and our reality.  We can use this to our advantage.
Using your imagination I invite you, as you are today, to go back to the time of your birth and see yourself standing at your mom’s bedside. When you come out, picture the doctor handing you, as the baby, to you as the adult. You are holding yourself as a little newborn baby.  Look down at that baby in your arms and see the perfection, goodness and wholeness of that little being in your arms.  Feel that in your body.  All those not so good feelings you have about yourself, do you see or feel them in this baby.
Our body knows no time or space so that little babe in your arms is still inside of your being.  She’s just been covered up from your life experiences.  Remind yourself of that perfection still inside of you and focus in on that.

BONUS:  Secret #4:  Your life experiences don’t define you, they teach you.

Neither do your roles in life.  Who are you really, besides wife, mom, friend, your job title?
Getting to the core of who we really are as a spiritual being gives greater meaning to our lives.
I choose to believe that I am Soul inhabiting a body versus a body that has a soul.
From this higher perspective I can choose to experience my life from a spiritual state of mind. All that happens to me is for my highest and best good and I’m here to learn from it.  When I can see my lessons, I can grow and expand my awareness so it doesn’t happen again.  This helps to lessen the guilt and judgement of what’s happening to me and I have a greater ability to love myself more.
Isn’t that what life is all about?  How do you find ways to love yourself more?

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