Lynn Schulte | Round Ligament

Show Notes:

Are your clients complaining of difficulty with fertility, endometriosis, sensitivity to arousal, pain with intercourse or pelvic pain?

In today’s episode, Lynn reminds practitioners that it is essential to assess the round ligament when working with female patients with pelvic issues. If your clients are struggling with a complex set of symptoms, including endometriosis, pelvic pain, pregnancy-related pain, and infertility, then this interview can provide you with information on how to best help your clients and bring about fast and lasting results.

This ligament/muscle is complex in nature because of its path in the body: it attaches anteroinferiorly to the uterotubal junction, goes through the deep inguinal ring, and inserts into labia majora. Treating the round ligament can be the linchpin leading to relief from pain and dysfunction for multiple issues your clients may be experiencing.

If you want to learn the techniques specific to treating your pregnant clients, including how to assess and treat the round ligament, check out the Institute for Birth Healing’s Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body course. Lynn teaches this course LIVE or it is available ONLINE as a self-paced course.

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