Michelle Lyons | Moving Through The Freeze

Show Notes:

Did you know treating your client’s pelvic floor could save their life?

Do you acknowledge that your clients’ bodies have been through a lot?

Join us today as we continue the conversation with Michelle Lyons and dive into a variety of topics, including how we can save women’s lives, how we need to acknowledge all the person we are working with has been through during birth, and how movement can shift your client from a state of disconnect to one of safety.

As practitioners, providing postpartum care that is multidisciplinary is important in determining if a mom is able to return to feeling safe in her postpartum body. Michelle mentions that one in two to three women have stopped exercising due to pelvic floor issues which decreases their ability to avoid heart disease. Returning our clients to movement and then exercise as mentor and coach is essential to the health of women everywhere. She takes you through exercises that return motion to the body that will help move clients stuck in a freeze response back to grounding and motion. You don’t want to miss this important conversation and these simple exercises that will help improve your clients’ lives. 

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Michelle Lyon’s Website: CLICK HERE

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