BHI: Intuition | 47:50

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  1. Marya Molette says:

    i’ve read power of now as well. I’ve learned so much about the power of my thoughts!!

  2. Kelly DelSignore says:

    🤯! I couldn’t help report after a day of practicing at work today. I have, for many years, connected with my clients through my hands, trusting my hands to connect with my clients guides and their knowing. When Lynn invited us to communicate with the tissues I was surprised “how simply profound”. It’s as if I have been in the back seat of the body wisdom car and I was invited to come into the front seat and converse with the driver!

    So with Courage and Curiosity, instead of waiting for the lead, I placed my hands on my clients sacrum and asked “is this what you need?” And Wham! “Yes please” and then I asked my guides what do I need to do? “Let her finish” … this is a client I have seen over the years and my thinking mind knows she takes a bit to process comparably. And when I get bored, then I distrust and I move to the next spot … but today … I heard “let her finish” and waited a bit longer for the deeper sensation and surrender 💗🙏☺️! Thank you Lynn for inviting us to be in the front seat!

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      This is so cool Kelly! Yes, you belong in the front seat when you can approach the body with respect and the reverence it desires from us! Way to go!!

  3. Jeri Lynn Houck says:

    Completed this session, this is more of a technical question, towards the end, slide 99, was that omitted? It is titled “our goal”.

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      I unintentionally skipped over it when recording this. Thanks for letting me know.

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