BHI: Session and Self Prep | 1:03:47

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  1. Meagen Satinsky says:

    I feel very clear about what earth energy means and feels like and how to describe it. I’m less familiar with the idea of heavenly energy. Can you offer any insight into this?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      I feel the heavenly energy as spirit, light, or God energy. Whatever works for you this is a way to connect into earth and spirit energy.

  2. Nancy Branberg says:

    Meagen and I are accountability partners and we discussed this question on our call. I have been leaning into balancing the divine feminine with the divine masculine. I have learned that some language is “triggering” to some people (Mother Earth and Father Sky as well as God).
    The following are my thoughts and being curious about “energy”.
    I think and feel that the energy of the earth is the divine Feminine and is at home in our pelvis and and the divine Masculine is the energy of the “spirit” world and is at home in our crown and third eye.
    Cleansing the pelvic bowl keeps up “safe and grounded”, while cleansing the crown and 3rd eye allows us to access our intuition and spiritual guides.
    If love is the foundation of healing does it make sense to connect the 2 energies at the heart?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Wow! This gave me goosebumps! In a later unit you will learn a balancing of the 3 energy centers that connects them all. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way here. Play with it and see what you feel and notice! Thanks for sharing Nancy!

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