Lab: Palpating Pubic Joint and Shotgun Approach to SP Joint | 5:54

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  1. Aurelie ABEL says:

    So tthe idea is to do the add and abduction resistance exercises with different orientation of legs until the joint is more balanced? Then you check again ?
    How many times is a maximum ? Holding 3 to 5s once in each direction and feet position should be enough ?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Yes try it in different positions, doing a couple of times out and then in (Abd then adduction). You should note that the joint is less bruised feeling to palpation when the joint is in a better position.

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      There is not a pic on the palpating the pubic joint. The shotgun is written out at the bottom of page 6 I believe under the hypermobility tests.

  2. Sara Panek says:

    Hello! This approach of shotgun is used for moms who come in complaining of SPD. This is a “quick fix” for them so strengthening around the hips and lower core will also help with that instability they are experiencing, correct? Most mamas who have SPD are in quite a bit of discomfort and you mentioned trying to stay out of pain for them? Are you going with a more gentle resistance? Not having them complete the more painful way (resisted ABduction or ADDuction)? Just looking for some clarification on this approach 🙂

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Absolutely correct! This is just a quick fix to help the situation out but learning how to strengthen and also balance out the pressures from front to back with less internal rotation of the hips is helpful too. Yes to more gentle resistance, if one way is painful try the other way first and see if that helps. If both are painful then don’t do this and focus on the sacrum, ischium ilium rebalancing and see if that helps . You will learn two other techniques in the holistic postpartum course to help with the pubic bone and rami bones that can help this situation out too. Check out Cecile Roost’s book Dealing ( or Treating ?) with Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy. So good.

  3. Chelsea Petrakovitz says:

    Hi! Would you try all of these different positions (neutral, internal rotation and external rotation) in one session to see if you can get that “pop”? For HEP, is it multiple reps in each direction or just one each? Thanks!

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      The goal is not to get the pop, it just happens sometimes and the pop is ok. Find the position that creates the greatest change or help and have them focus on that for their HEP. Thanks for asking.

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