Pelvic Restrictions: Pelvis | 26:10

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  1. Sara Panek says:

    Question on SIJ dysfunction during pregnancy: patient presents with L sided SIJ discomforts but notices it mostly at night when laying on her back or attempting to get up in the morning. She does great with core stability and engagement during positional changes. She finds that lifting does help with symptoms. Any ideas?

    Second Question: with open birth position, when does that need to be corrected if it wasn’t prior to the most recent pregnancy? Do you use a doughnut pillow to allow mom to go prone or is there a way to treat in side-lying?

    Third Question: At what point in pregnancy are you typically seeing patients? At what point are you comfortable with an internal exam/lengthening of the tissue?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      1. Your patient treat all the sacral techniques in prone and then assess pelvic floor muscles and see if she is better after that.
      2. You can treat your pregnant clients in supine so no need for a pregnancy pillow for prone. If your client is in pain and has an open birthing pattern treat it no matter what week of pregnancy they are in. Treating it will help with their pain. It won’t hurt the labor to close the bones back up.
      3. Never do internal exam in first trimester. See them as soon as they have any symptoms or you can see them throughout the pregnancy to educate and help keep their body in balance. I cover more on all of these questions as you get through the course.

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      That’s new. It used to be free. Thanks for the update.

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