Physical Restrictions: Pelvic Floor Muscles | 6:32

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  1. Laura Shaw says:

    Hi Lynn! So this might be a bit esoteric and a stretch, and maybe not even that important to mention, yet I just feel called to do so 😂 the “not a red flag for pelvic floor muscles and birth” correct answer was “swimming,” which I got correct, however, I wanted to share an observation that like I said I am feeling called to. I experienced SEVERE symphysis pubis dysfunction during my pregnancy, and I remember reading Cecile Rost’s book on relieving pelvic pain, and she drew strong correlations between swimmers and SPD citing heightened use of adductor muscles. I grew up swimming competitively, so this felt like true for me, and something else interesting I experienced in pregnancy was a modification for rolling over in bed to be less painful (bc it was excruciating): Whereas many colleagues (and Instagram/online accounts) seemed to repeatedly advise keeping your knees together during those transitions, that only exacerbated my pain. Using a Tband around my knees and resisting abduction was more relieving for my symptoms. Anyway hope this was useful/interesting at least to share!

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Laura, thanks for this. I was tring to come up with something not impacting the muscles but you are right with the adductors. I didn’t think about this. I will have to change my answers! I believe you will hear me talk about separating the knees when rolling over later on in the course as that is what Cecile talks about in her book. Thanks for the comment, not too esoteric at all!! 🙂

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