Lab: Coccyx Palpation – Prone | 4:16

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  1. Lindsay Schmitz says:

    If you find a small distance between tailbone and pubic bone during an eval with a pregnant patient, would you try to mobilized the tailbone away from pubic bone? Would there be any contraindication to doing so on a pregnant patient?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      I don’t mobilize anything unless it’s stuck. You don’t know if it is stuck or just its natural position. If the tailbone feels restricted then work to mobilize it but my focus is more on the pfms. I would work on helping them to squat and open the pelvic outlet to help lift that tailbone backwards as best as possible. I’d make sure pfm’s are normal tone and have lengthening ability. Instruct them to avoid birthing on their backs if at all possible.

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