Lab:Ischium and Ilium Rebalancing | 10:47

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  1. Sara Panek says:

    At about 5 minutes into this lecture you are working on opposite PSIS and Ischium, I’m confused on how you are working in a parallel fashion on opposite sides compared to diagonal fashion in this part of the treatment for her. With parallel are you approximating medial with both PSIS and Ischium and then in a diagonal fashion are you changing your angle ever so slightly so your PSIS movement is inferior medial and your ischium movement is superior medial (so still towards each other but in a compressive medial angle fashion?)

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Yes, you got it. In parallel it just means each structure is being mobilized medially towards each other without any superior/inferior pressure. Look at the arrows in the workbook for all your treatment options with this technique.

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