Lab: Ischium Seated | 8:26

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  1. Aurelie ABEL says:

    2 questions :
    – what is typically too splayed as far as ischiums are concerned ? When the pelvic floor is tense in between ?
    – what’s the reasoning behind not doing seated assessment on obese clients ? I’m thinking it might be hard to find the iliac crest or maybe weight on our hands ?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Pelvic floor tension is one sign. I don’t know how to answer this. You just need to get used to palpating different pelvises and start appreciating what they feel like in your hands and then you will recognize splayed ischiums. I don’t think too far splayed is a thing because of all of the ligaments holding the pelvis together, it will fracture when too splayed apart. Look for symptoms and complaints from your clients and then use your palpation and mobilization skills to determine their position. Compare L to R sides for splay differences.
      Weight of their body on your hands is the biggest reason.

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