Lab: Sacral Rotation Mobility Prone | 9:51

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  1. Lindsay Schmitz says:

    Since this technique would not be done in prone on someone who is pregnant, what position would you recommend? I would imagine sidelying would be the next best position, but I am thinking it will be harder to assess the mobility that way since one hip is going to be stablized more by the table than the top hip. If you do assess this in sidelying, are you assessing both sides of the SIJ while the patient is lying on one side? Or do you have them switch which side they are lying on to assess each side evenly? If so, are you assessing the SIJ on the bottom side, or the top side? I imagine hand positioning would also have to be different?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      You’ll learn how to do this in supine instead. Never assess in sidelying as you aren’t comparing apples to apples. Both this sacral rotation and ILA technique can be done in supine. Keep going with the program and you’ll see how to do this.

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