Pelvic Floor Muscles Lecture 17:17

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  1. Sara Panek says:

    Do you ever have your clients use a pelvic wand during pregnancy to help reach the coccygeous? I have them do this in side-lying and has been successful for them, but curious on your take as well 🙂

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Im on the fence about wand use and am not a big proponent of having someone do it. There is a reason the muscle is tight so I get to the root cause of the tension. But if you find success and it doesn’t cause any more trauma or tightness to the tissues then great. It can really help with proprioceptive awareness of the muscles which can be very useful for labor.

  2. Sara Panek says:

    With the incompetent cervix, I had a client who had an incompetent cervix but had a cerclage placed to hold everything closed. We did do internal work but never at the level of the cervix just along the anterior PFM and a little laterally towards OI and levator ani. We had no issues with this but curious on your take of internal work with someone who has a cerclage placed to protect that incompetent cervix

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      IF they can have intercourse then we should be able to do intravaginal work if needed. That is my stance on intravaginal work with pregnancy. Yes our internal work on the pfm’s shouldn’t impact the cervix and as long as your client and you feel comfortable doing it then it should be fine. Some practitioners like to get the MD approval before doing so just in case. Follow your comfort level and intuition on whethere it is right to do so with your clients or not. If any doubt don’t do it!!!

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