Lab 23: Intravaginal Work Review 17:46

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  1. Lauren Vose says:

    I think what I see all the time after vaginal birth is like a very PROMINENT urethra. like it’s prolapsed maybe, and super evident. Are you suggesting that would be one you want to “lift” back up onto the shelf? Anything else you could do?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      It might help to encourage the bladder back up onto the shelf. When urethras prolapse it’s usually more a defect or tear in the supportive fascia and I haven’t found much helpful with them. If she does a kegel and you’ve optimized the muscle strength and there isn’t a lift of the bladder/urethra that COULD be a sign of a defect. These are a bit harder to diagnose. I still try strengthening and see if you can make a change. Offer release work to the anterior vaginal wall/bladder area and any scar tissue from the perineal body up to the bladder along the vaginal walls to encourage a lift of the tissues. Then see what happens. Good luck!

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