Lab: Self Exam of Pelvic Muscles (Audio) | 12:56

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  1. Amy LePage says:

    Have a couple questions about this exploration – Specifically – the anal sphincter portion and when feeling intravaginaly for the bladder when coughing. When assessing if there’s any restriction around the anal sphincter – is this done with finger inserted inside – or pressing on and into the tissues of the sphincter on the outside.

    For 9 to 3 (on the top of the anal sphincter) use a finger in the vagina and pressing down and one finger in the anal sphincter and press upward (to creating compression of the harder/ taut tissue. And if 9 – 3 on the lower portion of the clock – if a finger is inserted into the anal sphincter – the finger just presses downward and the other hand can have a finger compressing upward from the outside to create compression of that harder tissue area.

    I’m understanding it as there is insertion into the anal sphincter itself to assess and treat.

    For feeling the bladder internally when coughing – curious if there’s any more cues to tune into – as I wasn’t able to notice the bladder movement when coughing.

    Will the nod tend to be much less movement than the wink – due to the difference in more superficial muscles in the anterior pelvic floor and deeper muscles of the posterior pelvic floor?

    I brought in some mouth, tongue and reflex pattern movement exploration while doing the self exam – which was really interesting. Curious about your thoughts on adding exploratory pieces to the self exam, for self or clients? And also thinking of a number of ways to introduce the self exam and assessments etc. from a trauma informed lens. And how to navigate gauging someones readiness for certain things. Kind of just thinking out loud at this point…

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Amy, So many comments to comment on!:-). If bladder doesn’t move when coughing great! It’s ok. If it decends down then we want to work on decreasing pressures on it during a cough. When assessing anal sphincter I couldn’t tell if you are talking about on your self since this is the unit you are asking these on: You could have thumb in vaginally and fingers on anal sphincter. compress between for the upper half and just press down with your nailbed for the lower part. Or you could put your thumb in anally and go around pressing around with your thumb. When you find thickness find a way to compress that tissue. Yes nod is less than the wink when contracting. There is a huge connection between mouth and pelvic floor. Great observations!

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