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 Why The Institute For Birth Healing?

Helping Moms Prepare For Delivery | Heal After Birth

Moms need our help!  Too many are struggling and hurting after birth and are left to think they just have to live with it.

But we know this just isn’t true!

At the Institute for Birth Healing we want to help you be of greater support to your moms.   We are dedicated to educating bodyworkers and birth professionals to help prepare mom’s bodies for birth and recover more completely afterwards.   We want to teach you how to assess and treat the key areas of the body more effectively in both your pregnant and postpartum clients.  Our events and courses are designed to help you stand out as the go-to expert in this field.

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In my experience, working with thousands of postpartum women, the reality is most moms are struggling to heal. This is why I’m so passionate about the work I do. I believe ALL women deserve to heal COMPLETELY from birth. I’ve discovered certain patterns the body goes through in order to birth and how to release these patterns from the body.  When you know what to look for and how to treat it, your treatments can be way more effective in less time.  Moms will be delighted when you can get rid of their back or pelvic pains and help them to have intercourse without pain in as little as one session!


In our courses we teach not only the physical aspects of healing your clients but we also dive into helping you learn the energetics of healing.   When tissues are resistant to release there is usually a deeper component holding it in place.  It’s not about forcing the tissues to release.  If you do that the pain usually comes back worse.  We teach you how to respect the tissues and work with them in a more holistic way.   This holistic approach offers a more complete and effective healing for your clients.

We’d love to show you how.


Restoring the body’s functions, improving energy level, and healing pain are critical… AND reconnecting is vital!
a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, I know the impact of healing the physical structures.  As a mom, I know the energetic and emotional aspects as well. Healing on these levels changes women’s lives as it changed mine.  A powerful connection to your center, to your home inside of you, is where you must learn to live to authentically navigate your life and your mothering.


I Am Honored

To Lead The Birth Healing Movement

Lynn Schulte, Founder | Director

The Institute for Birth Healing is on a mission to help women all over the world heal more completely and wholly after birth.  There is no reason women should be suffering after childbirth. To change this we need your help.  We’d love to teach you this holistic approach which is at the heart of helping women to reclaim the power of the feminine to heal body + mind + spirit.

To make this dream come true, I need each and every one of you to help grow and expand this community.

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