Schulte Hold

Benefits of the Schulte Hold

The Schulte Hold is a way to use the pelvic bones to support the work you do internally to create a more effective outcome in a less invasive and more respectful manner. Plus, it is a fun technique that makes the job easier!

Goals of a Pelvic Health Practitioner

It is wonderful to feel the release in the body and know that what you are doing has made a difference that can often be life-changing for your client. Getting the body’s tissues to respond positively is golden and the key to restoring function and getting clients out of pain. It should be the goal of every bodyworker.

When the Tissues Won’t Release

I’m not a fan of forcing the tissues to do anything. There is a reason they are tight, and figuring that out should be one of our main objectives when working with our clients. Sometimes, the muscles have a bit too much tone in them for no reason, and giving them a nudge to let go is all they need. Other times, there are deeper issues at play, and you need to explore more as to the why behind the tension and tone.

When working with the pelvic floor muscles, one of your primary goals is to encourage them to relax and let go. These muscles can hold various forms of tension, sometimes requiring a gentle nudge, and other times, requiring a deeper look at what is going on physically and, possibly, emotionally. For this reason, I strongly advocate against forcing the pelvic floor muscles to release as you can create more pain in the body with this approach.

Relaxing the Muscles with the Schulte Hold

There is a safe and effective way to facilitate the pelvic floor muscles to relax without applying excessive force directly on the muscles. When you learn to use the bones of the pelvis in the correct manner, the muscles respond by melting under your touch, ensuring a gentle and non-invasive approach. This approach is what I call the Schulte Hold.

How the Schulte Hold Works – In Real Life!

Here are a some videos from one of my recent Live courses where students were learning the Schulte Hold technique. Their responses to what they were feeling happen in the body was so incredible that I had to pull out my camera and start filming. It’s really fun to see their reactions as they compare the Schulte Hold to what they used to do!

Now, these students have a much more effective way of working with the pelvic floor muscles, and they don’t have to hammer, smoosh, or force the muscles to release.

Using the Schulte Hold in Your Practice

Working with the pelvic floor muscles using the Schulte Hold technique is an effective and fun experience. It allows you to put more force externally, not internally, which can make your job easier, create effective change that is non-invasive and helps your clients feel more at ease.

My aspiration is that one day, this method will be an integral part of all pelvic floor courses. This is why I am proud to associate my name with this technique, claiming my legacy in pelvic health and naming it the “Schulte” Hold!

Learning the Schulte Hold

If you would like to learn the Schulte Hold and see how it will get you better results with your clients, join me in either the live or online version of the Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body or Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body course. If you are new to internal work, then consider the Internal Pelvic Floor Treatment online course as I teach the Schulte Hold in this course as well.

About the Author: Lynn Schulte is a Pelvic Health Therapist and the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing, a pelvic health continuing education organization that specializes in prenatal and postpartum care. For more information, go to

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