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Grateful For All The Kind Words

Thank You

I’ve been using so many of the amazing manual skills we’ve learned in my clinic since coming back from the course. Besides my pregnant gals, pelvic pain and constipation patients benefitting from all I learned, I’ve used sacral techniques on all back pain and great success even with some shoulder using oblique and ql releases before their mobilizations!!!

Tara S. PT

Lynn has intuitively integrated her eclectic body and energy work curriculum vitae into a gentle, thorough, simple and effective treatment for the pregnant and postpartum pelvis and pelvic floor, a modality sorely lacking in our current medical model.    Her passion and enthusiasm for treating and teaching are palpable and a gift to all participants.  She creates a safe, sacred women’s circle for exploring, learning and growing in our personal and professional lives.  If you treat pregnant/postpartum women, her holistic treatment needs to be in our toolbox.  I experienced relief of several layers of chronic pain during the course.  Because of multiple reviews I feel confident in using these techniques Monday morning.

Heather H. PT
Just have to say, I have used techniques from class on almost every patient this week.  I think this is the most applicable continuing education workshop I have ever attended. Thank you for putting together powerful information in a very usable format and for being a wonderful instructor!
Andrea H, DC