Techniques Session with Lynn

Master the techniques that will change your practice and improve client outcomes!

Sick of online courses with no support?

These sessions are intentionally designed as small group sessions and are capped at 20 people. Our goal is to ensure you get attention and feedback specific to your needs, so you can effectively use these skills in your practice.

Not totally sure if you have it down?

You will get direct feedback as you practice the techniques on your model, so you know you are doing the techniques correctly and feel them in your hands. We want you feeling comfortable and confident with this work!

Have questions on the techniques?

Let’s get them answered, all of them! We want you to see great results with your postpartum clients, and that starts by answering your questions, so you clearly understand how to assess and treat the postpartum patterns.

FAQs About Technique Sessions

How does a session work?

Sessions take place via Zoom (WITH VIDEO ON) and will last approximately 90-minutes. Lynn will review the techniques and have you practice them on your model. Lynn or a Birth Healing Certified Practitioner will watch you demo the techniques and provide feedback so you do them correctly and feel them in your hands. Sessions will be recorded, and you will receive the recording within 48-hours after your session.

What do I need to have?

You will need the following for your session:

  • A device connected to Zoom with audio and video
  • A model to work on who is not a bodyworker.  Any human with a pelvis is perfect. Family members, friends and neighbors all make wonderful models.
  • Any questions or techniques you want to review specifically.

How do I get set up?

Ensure that your table and model are visible on your video screen, so  staff can see you as you practice and demonstrate the techniques.

  • Set up your table in view of the camera on your device
  • Login to Zoom:
  • Test your video and audio before the session
  • Adjust your view to be able to see instructor demos and feedback

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*A session will last approximately 90-minutes