Janelle Gullan | The Rhythm of Our Cycle

Show Notes:

In today’s episode Lynn speaks with Occupational Therapist, Certified Birth Healing Specialist and owner of The Wild Orange Tree in Australia, Janelle Gullan. Janelle explains the unique value of each phase of a female’s monthly cycle. 

The women’s monthly cycle is coordinated to the seasons of the year. Winter is synonymous with the bleeding phase. This is a time of rest and restoration where females are able to release what is no longer serving them. Spring is the follicular phase. It is a time of increased energy where the fruit from the winter season is able to develop. Summer coordinates with ovulation. It has increased energy and is our most productive time. Fall is the luteal phase. Here there is an energy for reflection: how did the last cycle or year go and what could be different? 

You will not want to miss this important information as it will help you inform your clients how to tune into their cycles and relate the seasons and cycles to pregnancy and menopause.

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Janelle Gullan is an Occupational Therapist who supports women to connect to their body so they can navigate mothering transitions with confidence and vitality. With an integrated focus on pelvic health, mental health and menstrual cycles, she explores rites of passage and the ways feminine transitions impact performance, roles, relationships, participation and joy. 

Based on her own personal experiences, Janelle is passionate about supporting birth injury and exploring the stories that live in our body and pelvic spaces. Through her private practice, The Wild Orange Tree, she provides support in Melbourne, Wollongong and the Sunshine Coast (Australia) as well as through the online space.



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