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Show Notes:

In today’s podcast, Lynn speaks with Physical Therapist, author and founder of Holistic Pelvic Care, Tami Lynn Kent as she releases an updated version of her Wild Mothering book. 

Tami has been working in women’s health for over 25 years and has a 3 book “Wild” series that she wrote to help connect mothers with the wisdom and the energy in their womb and pelvic space: Wild Feminine, Wild Mother (formerly Mothering from Your Center) and Wild Creative. These books explore the connection between the feminine centers where information is received and processed and how when women are taught to read this information, they can open themselves up to the complete energetics of the body. 

Tami’s second book, Wild Mothering, has been released as a second addition with a new chapter that is written from an older mother’s perspective as well as the original chapters that were written from the perspective of a new mother.

Mothering can be a soul crushing journey at times, but Tami Lynn Kent provides some great resources in her Wild Series that can support moms and connect them with their own inner wisdom. This podcast is a reminder for all pelvic health therapists that the pelvic bowl contains amazing medicine. We need to learn to listen to and follow this wisdom. 

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