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Common Postpartum Patterns

This FREE course is designed for any pelvic health therapist or birth professional that wants to learn what to look for to get their clients out of pain and dysfunction after birth. In less than an hour, you will learn how to identify some of the most common postpartum patterns that cause the majority of issues in the postpartum body.

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What Practitioners Say About Our Courses

“What a gift this free course was. Dare I say it was exhilarating? Your teaching style is a breath of fresh air, and you clearly love what you do; I love that for you and for us learners. My OT brain is spinning, and I will definitely head to the Pelvic Floor and Holistic courses next.”
Occupational Therapist
“You were clear, direct, and to the point in your teaching without cutting corners. So many free courses end up being advertising for paid programs with no real information given, but that is not true here…this was broken into perfectly bite sized length for consumption. Thank you!”
Stephanie C.
Massage Therapist
“Thank you for a great short and so useful course!”
ingela n.
Physical Therapist
“Thank you for offering this course for free! You do a wonderful job of thoroughly explaining and demonstrating all techniques.”
Alli J.
Occupational Therapist
“I’m excited to begin assessing moms for this open pattern. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”
Physical Therapist

Is This Course For You?

YES, if you are a pelvic health therapist (PT, OT, Bodyworker, Chiro) or a birth professional (Doula, Midwife, OBGYN)

YES, if you want to confidently work with postpartum clients

YES, if you want to know how to identify the two most common postpartum patterns in the body

YES, if you want to learn the effects different labor positions have on the pelvic bones

YES, if you want to know understand how a vaginal birth affects the pelvic organs

YES, if you want to take your practice to the next level

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