Pelvic health education that will get you the results your clients deserve

Learn what to look for and how to treat your pregnant and postpartum clients to get to the root cause of client complaints, so they feel better faster.

Are you ready to get incredible results?

The Institute for Birth Healing will help you as a Pelvic Health Therapist or Birth Professional to increase the success of your treatments and create results that will astound you and your pregnant and postpartum clients. Learn why more and more students find increased passion and fulfillment in their careers after taking one of our courses.

Improve your Clinical Outcomes TODAY:

  • For Pelvic Health Therapists (including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, and Bodyworkers)
  • For Birth Professional (including Doulas, Midwives, and OBGYNs)
  • Build knowledge and skills to address the core issues of your pregnant and postpartum clients
  • Learn to listen to the body and trust in your hands to provide effective treatments
  • Get to the root cause of your client’s complaints to create lasting results
  • Identify and nurture your clinical decision-making
  • Help your clients heal more fully in less time
  • Find greater purpose and passion in your career and, dare we say, life

Yes, I want to get incredible results!

Birth Healing Education

Live Courses
  • Hands-on education
  • Small class sizes
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Individual attention
Online Courses
  • In-depth education for all skill levels
  • Treatment and assessment focused
  • Labs with multi-camera angles
Free Courses
  • Real information to help your clients
  • Get a feel for Lynn’s teaching style
  • Improve your assessments
IBH Intensive
  • Deep dive into personal healing
  • 9-month coaching program
  • Revitalize your life and your practice

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Our Core Values

Igniting A Movement | A Message from Lynn Schulte


After working with thousands of postpartum clients over the years, I have found that the body doesn’t always return to its optimal position after birth. The pelvis can remain in what I call an “Open Birthing Pattern”. When this pattern is treated, and the bones are brought back together, moms’ pain disappears, they feel more stable and grounded in their bodies, and they realize that they are NOT broken.

I have made it my life’s work to help moms heal completely after birth by providing education and training that is based in evidence informed treatment and biological plausibility. This education will empower all pelvic health practitioners to know what to look for and how to treat moms so they get back to feeling like themselves again. Please join me in the movement to ensure that moms get the care they desperately need and deserve

Lynn Schulte, Institute for Birth Healing Founder

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