core recovery and Healing for the body after birth

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Confidence in Your Core, Pelvic Floor and More

You will learn how to help your clients safely re-strengthen their core after birth.  You’ll understand why the core is so greatly impacted by birth, all the compensatory strategies that are causing more problems, and what your clients can do to get their body working properly again.  

Your clients don’t need to “just deal with it” like they may have been led to believe.  There is a cure.  Treating the core is the best investment for your clients to support their health postpartum and for the rest of their lives!

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Is This Course For You?

YES, if you want to help your clients regain confidence in their body and heal after childbirth.

YES, if you want to learn how to help clients overcome issues from childbirth such as back/pelvic pain, incontinence, pain with intercourse, diastasis recti, prolapse of pelvic organs, or cesarean birth recovery.

YES, if you want to learn birth’s impact on the pelvic floor muscles and how you can educate your clients so they can regain strength and function.

YES, if you want to understand different breathing mechanics and posture impacts on core functioning.

YES, if you want to learn the 5 different phases of core recovery.

YES, if you want to help scar tissue heal and prevent scar-related issues for your clients.

YES, if you want to learn key exercises and what common activities your clients can do to promote healing and support long term health.

Ready to help clients get back to feeling good?

How Does The Online Course Work?

You will have immediate access to your course upon registration

There are short quizzes and reviews to ensure learning of key points

This course has 3.75 hours of video course content in addition to the course handouts

Your course includes easy to follow step-by-step instructional videos and labs

This course includes handouts of exercises and key instructional points

You have lifetime access to your course creating a valuable reference video library

Course Unit Sneak Peak: How to Massage Your C-Section Scar

  • Understand how the abdominal muscles get effected by pregnancy and how to get them to function better after birth.
  • Learn two techniques that can speed up the healing of any abdominal separation.  
  • Learn how to assess for diastasis recti and know what is the most important aspects to look for.
  • Understand how to progress your core strengthening exercises in a safe and proper way.
  • Understand how to manage intra-abdominal pressures to allow healing to occur in your belly and with your pelvic organs.
  • Understand how to handle traumatic births in a helpful and supportive way
  • Understand better ways to carry and breastfeed your baby to avoid potential problems in your pelvic space.  
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome and Introduction | 5:58  
Module 2 Diastasis Recti Assessment
Unit 1 Diastasis Recti | 2:05  
Unit 2 How to Measure For Diastasis Recti | 6:29  
Unit 3 How to Measure For Diastasis Recti Part 2 | 4:34  
Unit 4 New Focus in Assessing Diastasis Recti | 6:00  
Unit 5 It's not just about the measurements! | Handout  
Unit 6 To Splint or Not To Splint? | Handout  
Unit 7 Diastasis Recti Review  
Module 3 Abdominal Anatomy and Function
Unit 1 The Abdominal Muscles | 3:10  
Unit 2 The Effects of Pregnancy on the Abdominal Muscles | 2:04  
Unit 3 The Core | 3:24  
Unit 4 Overactive Oblique Muscles | 2:13  
Unit 5 Warning for Core and Excess Fat | Handout  
Unit 6 What About This? | 1:40  
Unit 7 Abdominal Anatomy Review  
Module 4 Oblique Stretch and Recti Release Techniques
Unit 1 Oblique Stretch | 7:19  
Unit 2 Oblique Stretch and Recti Release Technique | Handout  
Module 5 Head Lift Exercise
Unit 1 Head Lift Exercise | 2:56  
Unit 2 Head Lift | Handout  
Module 6 Breathing
Unit 1 Proper Breathing for Core Activation | 7:00  
Unit 2 Breathing | Handout  
Unit 3 Breathing Review  
Module 7 Intra Abdominal Pressure
Unit 1 Intra Abdominal Pressure | 6:16  
Unit 2 Intra Abdominal Pressure Review  
Module 8 Posture and Alignment
Unit 1 Posture and Alignment | 16:30  
Unit 2 Posture Awareness | 3:00  
Unit 3 Posture and Alignment | Handout  
Unit 4 Posture and Alignment Review  
Module 9 Pelvic Floor Issues
Unit 1 Pelvic Floor Anatomy | 5:45  
Unit 2 Pelvic Floor Function | 6:21  
Unit 3 Pelvic Floor Muscles Impact on Birth | 3:46  
Unit 4 Pelvic Floor Muscles Self Exam  
Unit 5 Pelvic Floor Muscles Review  
Module 10 Core Strengthening Exercises
Unit 1 Inner Core Activation Intro | 1:42  
Unit 2 Inner Core Activation - Phase 1 | 5:39  
Unit 3 Example of Good Engagement of the Core | 0:21  
Unit 4 Good and Bad Examples of Core Activation | 0:20  
Unit 5 Are You Ready for Phase 2?  
Unit 6 Core Activation Phase 2 | 5:09  
Unit 7 Are You Ready for Phase 3?  
Unit 8 Core Activation Phase 3 - End Range Pulses | 6:44  
Unit 9 End Range Pulses | Handout  
Unit 10 Are you doing the pulses correctly?  
Unit 11 Core Activation Phase 4 -Reflexive Core | 4:38  
Unit 12 Is your core reflexive?  
Unit 13 Inner Core Activation Phase 5 | 3:59  
Unit 14 Hands and Knees Activation of Core | 5:31  
Unit 15 Is your core functional?  
Module 11 Core Strengthening Progression Exercise
Unit 1 Transverse Abdominal Progression | 8:03  
Unit 2 TA Progression Exercise Sheet  
Module 12 Cesarean Section Scar Tissue Issues
Unit 1 C-Section Scaring | 8:13  
Unit 2 How to Massage Your C-Section Scar | 7:11  
Module 13 Are your Pelvic Organs in Place?
Unit 1 Prolapse | 9:53  
Module 14 Other Exercises
Unit 1 Shoulder Stretch Exercise | 3:50  
Unit 2 Squatting Exercise | 3:04  
Unit 3 Calf Stretch | 3:41  
Unit 4 Sciatica Exercise | 2:30  
Unit 5 Hip Stretches | Handout  
Unit 6 When to do what EXERCISE  
Module 15 Mastering Movements
Unit 1 Introduction - Mastering Movements | Handout  
Unit 2 Breastfeeding | 3:52  
Unit 3 Carrying Baby | 2:50  
Unit 4 Laying Down and Getting Up | 4:12  
Unit 5 Sitting Habits | 4:24  
Unit 6 Toileting Habits | 6:50  
Unit 7 Walking for Pelvic Organ Support | 4:02  
Module 16 The Pelvis, Birth, and Aftermath
Unit 1 Pelvic Motions During Birth | 7:13  
Unit 2 Is Your Pelvis Still Birthing? | 3:58  
Module 17 Your Psoas Muscle
Unit 1 Manual Psoas Release | 5:04  
Unit 2 Psoas Stretches | 3:24  
Unit 3 Passive Psoas Release | 2:04  
Unit 4 What's Next | 5:57  

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