Celebrating our 10th season of conversations that empower and heal

2024 Birth Healing Summit

Pregnancy and Labor

Summit Took Place April 8th – 19th, 2024

12 Days of Interviews | 20+ Speakers | Live and Pre-Recorded Conversations | Loads of Gifts

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Provide Better Care

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The 2024 Birth Healing Summit is a virtual gathering of wisdom and sharing from practitioners around the world. From their interviews, you will learn the latest discoveries and best practices in pregnancy care, and walk away with many new pieces that will help ignite your practice and improve your care and the outcomes for your pregnant clients. Our 2023 and 2022 Summits were postpartum care-focused, and we are excited to dive into the essential topic of pregnancy and labor in 2024. Join in for this practice changing education!

2024 Speaker Interview Sneak Peeks

Discover new ways to support your clients during pregnancy and labor!

Why We Love the Summit!

I have purchased every Birth Healing Summit and find myself circling back on my own timeline. My favorite teachers and mentors from a nearly 25 year career as a pelvic health PT have been featured!
Physical Therapist
Thank you, thank you for the Summit! I will be taking these tips and applying them soon!
Physical Therapist
Thanks so much for putting this series together for yet another great year! As always, you did such a great job and I’m so appreciative of the hard work you put into each of these summits and the talks. I have never left a summit without gaining great insight and an immediate impact on treatment.
Thanks again!!
Physical Therapist
A refreshingly uplifting collection of talks that never disappoint or deplete!

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2024 Speaker Lineup

Amanda Ogden


Chantal Traub

Certified Doula

Christianna Deichmann

Craniosacral Therapist

Darla Cathcart

Physical Therapist

Gabrielle Brennan


Gina Mundy

Holly Tanner, PT Square Image

Holly Tanner

Physical Therapist

John Wilks

Craniosacral Therapist

Kara Alexandrovic

Ken McGee, PT Square Image

Ken McGee

Physical Therapist

Laura Rowan

Occupational Therapist

Lori O’Neill

Physical Therapist

Lynn Schulte

Physical Therapist

Michelle Lyons

Physical Therapist

Sandi Gallagher

Physical Therapist

Sarah Newman

Personal Trainer

Taryn Hallam

Physical Therapist

Teresa Waser

Physical Therapist

Teri Nava-Anderson

Certified Doula

Uchenna Ossai

Physical Therapist

Yeni Abraham

Physical Therapist

Zaure Vuk

Certified Doula

Speaker Topics & Schedule

Module 1 Welcome to the 2024 Birth Healing Summit
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Welcome from Founder, Lynn Schulte  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Speaker Gifts, Calendar of Events and Speaker Lineup  
Module 2 Day 1 - April 8th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Taryn Hallam, PT: Birth Choices - How Research Can Help Us Guide Our Clients  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Gabrielle Brennan, Midwife: Tension's Impact on Fetal Positioning  
Module 3 Day 2 - April 9th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Lynn Schulte, PT: Pelvic Assessment in Pregnancy  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Amanda Ogden, IBCLC: Colostrum Harvesting and Tandem Breastfeeding  
Module 4 Day 3 - April 10th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Teresa Waser, PT: Bumps in the Road - Navigating Exercise When You Have A Bump  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Chantal Traub, Doula: 2nd Stage of Labor  
Module 5 Day 4 - April 11th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Dr. Yeni Abraham, PT: Infertility  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - John Wilks, CST: Long-Term Effects Of How We Are Born  
Module 6 Day 5 - April 12th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Gina Mundy, Lawyer: How to Have a Safer Childbirth - Advice from a Childbirth Attorney  
Module 7 Day 6 - April 13th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Dr. Lori O'Neill, PT: The Complete Perinatal Assessment  
Module 8 Day 7 - April 14th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Michelle Lyons, PT and Sarah Newman, Trainer: Cancer and Pregnancy  
Module 9 Day 8 - April 15th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Dr. Uchenna Ossai, PT: Sexual Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Dr. Kara Alexandrovic, MD: Family Centered Cesarean Birth  
Module 10 Day 9 - April 16th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Dr. Holly Tanner, PT: Anorectal Peripartum Health  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Laura Rowan, OT: A Mindbody Approach to Pregnancy-Related Constipation  
Module 11 Day 10 - April 17th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Dr. Ken McGee, PT: Transgender Birth  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Christianna Deichmann, RCST and Zaure Vuk, Doula: 8 Myths to Transform Pampered Care to Standards of Care  
Module 12 Day 11 - April 18th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Dr. Teri Nava-Anderson, Doula: When Survivors Give Birth  
Unit 2 Summit 2024 - Dr. Darla Cathcart, PT: Using Empowering Language with Patients  
Module 13 Day 12 - April 19th, 2024
Unit 1 Summit 2024 - Dr. Sandi Gallagher, PT: TENS and Labor  


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