LiveStream: September 29th to November 17th

Advanced Treatment
of the Postpartum Body

Healing Birth Trauma by Releasing the Freeze Response
in the Body and the Resistive Patterns in the Tissues.


Help Women Return to a Fully Functioning Body

with an advanced holistic approach to healing the pelvic space

  • Enrollment Dates: Opens 8.18.22 and Closes 9.22.22
  • 8 LiveStream Sessions starting Sept. 29th to Nov. 17th
  • Thursday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm MDT
  • 20 Seats Available
  • Teaching assistants will assist Lynn with the course to ensure individual attention
  • Prerequisite: Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body
  • All sessions will be recorded so if you can’t attend 2 LiveStream session you will be able to review the recording.


Week 1: Welcome and Postpartum Course Techniques Review

  • Welcome Video
  • Written Instructions for attending course

Week 2: Kidneys and Central Nervous System

  • Lecture: Advanced Techniques
  • Lab: Kidneys
  • Lab: Rebalancing Diaphragms
  • Lab: Central Nervous System Techniques

Week 3: The Pelvis Part One

  • Lecture: Session Success
  • Lecture: Working with Pelvic Space
  • Lecture: Held/Stuck Tissues Causes
  • Lecture: Treating at a Distance
  • Lab: Treatment Demo 1 (Blocked Energy Flow)
  • Handout: Pelvic Map

Week 4: The Pelvis Part Two

  • Lecture:  The Pelvis Highlights
  • Lab: Treatment Demo 2 (4 Step Bowl Session)
  • Handout: Shifting Limiting Beliefs

Week 5: Birth Issues and Trauma Part One

  • Lecture: Birth Flow Disruptions
  • Lecture: Trauma
  • Lecture: Birth Challenges
  • Audio: Realigning the Birth Field and Flow
  • Lab: Treatment Demo 1

Week 6: Birth Issues and Trauma Part Two

  • Lecture: Trauma Highlights
  • Lab: Treatment Demo 2 (Birth Trauma)

Week 7: Womb Imprints

  • Lecture: Womb Imprints
  • Lecture: 3 Energy Centers
  • Lab: Treatment Demo

Week 8: Ovaries and Uterus

  • Lecture: Uterus/Ovaries Archetypes
  • Lab: Treatment Demo