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Birth Healing Intensive

The Birth Healing Intensive is more than a course. It is a coaching and development program that will empower your growth, fuel your success, and amplify your fulfillment professionally AND personally!

Show Up Powerfully

Transform Trauma

Lead A Fuller Life

Benefits of the Intensive

  • Get to the root cause of client’s pain, dysfunction and limitation while doing your own healing work.
  • Create a therapeutic presence that helps you stay grounded and energized to prevent burnout.
  • Shift trauma and stuck energy patterns in your own body, so you can help clients do the same.
  • End the frustration of clients returning with repeat pain and patterns by addressing the real issue.
  • Be able to work with your clients in person or online.

Is This Course For You?

  • YES, if you want to know what to do when tissues won’t release
  • YES, if you desire to better support traumatized clients
  • YES, if you wish to address the causes of pain that are not just physical
  • YES, if you desire to enhance and use your intuition in your sessions
  • YES, if you aspire to work more with the energetics of the body
  • NO, if you are not ready to dive into your own deep healing work

Student Success Story

Justine Calderwood, Physical Therapist

What’s Included

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 9-month commitment to doing the work (your own inner work and the coursework)
  • Attendance of the Virtual Intensive Orientation (held via Zoom)
  • Attendance and participation in 6 or more of the Monthly Zoom Meetings (we meet once a month for approximately 3 hours)
  • Attendance of the Live 2-Day Training in Colorado (this is highly recommended, but not required, though if you cannot attend live, you will need to join for a shorter virtual portion of this training)
  • Review the online weekly lectures and demos and practice each month
  • Required reading of the following books:
    • Full Body Presence (Suzanne Scurlock)
    • Wild Feminine (Tami Lynn Kent)
    • No Bad Parts (Richard Schwartz)
    • Call of the Wild (Kimberly Ann Johnson)
    • Optional Reading: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (Karol Truman)

You will have weekly assignments and coursework that you will do online and on your own or in your triads at a time that works for you. Each month we will meet virtually via Zoom with the exception of a mid-course break in July 2024. We may meet virtually in October as well for the integration portion, but this will be determined based on the number of people who will be in attendance at the Live gathering. We will wrap up the intensive with a LIVE gathering in Longmont, Colorado in November 2024.

CLICK HERE to see the meeting schedule.

It is not required for the Birth Healing Intensive; however, if you want to become a Certified Birth Healing Practitioner live attendance will be part of the requirement for that certification. If you are unable to attend Live, you will need to attend some portion of the 2-day gathering virtually. Time to be determined after we gather as a group in February.

The Birth Healing Intensive is for those wanting to help their clients get to the root cause of their physical issues and who want to know how to work with the trauma response in the body. It is designed primarily for healthcare professionals with a license to touch including physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and nurses. Counselors and somatic workers that work directly with clients are also encouraged to apply. 

 The Birth Healing Intensive is a 9-month long program with a month long break in the middle. It will start at the beginning of February and end in early November.

There will be 3 weekly pre-recorded online lectures or demos for you to watch on your own and then a monthly group call via Zoom for you to practice with your partners the techniques learned each month. The last month of the program will be a LIVE in person event for you to integrate all that was learned in the program. The tuition for this program also includes 4 total individual treatment sessions for you (2 with Lynn and 2 with a Certified Birth Healing Specialist) that will take place throughout the program.

You must attend a minimum of 6 of the 8 zoom meetings, and all calls will be recorded. This time together is an opportunity for you to practice the skills you are learning. In addition, your partners depend on you to be there, so please make it a priority in your schedule to attend.

The investment for this program is $4,997. You have the option to pay this amount in full at the time of registration or you can pay over 12-monthly installments of $425 each.

There are 18 seats available for the Birth Healing Intensive. We want to ensure your individual learning, integration of the work, and support throughout the program, so we have intentionally capped the enrollment for this program to provide the best experience for those in attendance.

Student Success Story

“The Birth Healing Intensive was the missing link I didn’t know I needed. This work took my practice to the next level, helping women not only physically heal but emotionally heal. The Birth Healing Intensive put all the puzzle pieces together, making me feel confident in knowing how to help my clients more effectively and in less time. My client referrals exploded with women asking to have the incredible results their friends had experienced working with me. If you are confident with your hands-on skills and seek that missing link to help you solve the trickiest clients’ struggles, the Birth Healing Intensive is exactly what you seek.”

Landy Peek, Occupational Therapist

Course Objectives and Overview

After completion of the Intensive you will:

  • Learn to establish a therapeutic presence within yourself to create the ideal healing space for your clients
  • Create solid boundaries for yourself, connect with your clients for optimal healing, and avoid burnout
  • Gain greater access to your intuition to allow it to guide your sessions
  • Explore and heal the shadow aspects of yourself that are minimizing your session success
  • Learn how to shift and replace limiting beliefs in yourself and your clients
  • Become proficient at dialoguing to know what to say and when to better facilitate your client sessions
  • Learn how to work with clients at a distance
  • Learn how to feel the shifts in energy in your client’s body
  • Learn the 7 causes for held/stuck energy in the body so you can help tissues relax and energy flow again
  • Learn to work with the pelvic bowl energy and understand the different areas of the pelvis and how to shift them
  • Learn how to recognize and work with the trauma response in the body to melt the freeze response
  • Understand how to help heal birth disruptions, i.e. cesareans, vacuum/forceps, not being able to do what they wanted
  • Learn how to balance the 3 energy centers in the body to have greater access to your heart and pelvic energy and not just your mind.
  • Help stop the “save the world” or “dim your light” mindset by shifting womb imprints in yourself and in your clients
  • Learn how to release ancestral patterns so you/your clients can end these patterns in your lineage
  • Learn to work with your uterine and ovarian energies to bring more balance to your work and life.
  • There are no CEUs for this program
Module 1 Welcome to the Birth Healing Intensive
Unit 1 BHI: Welcome to the Birth Healing Intensive | 17:56  
Unit 2 BHI: Group Call | February 1, 2024  
Unit 3 BHI: Live Gathering Details | November 2 - 3, 2024  
Module 2 Developing Therapeutic Presence (Module Available February 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: Session and Self Prep | 1:03:47  
Unit 2 BHI: Developing Therapeutic Presence | 54:07  
Unit 3 BHI: Intuition | 47:50  
Unit 4 BHI: Group Calls and Distance Session | 32:31  
Unit 5 BHI: Group Call | February 24, 2024  
Module 3 Shadow Work and Limiting Beliefs (Module Available March 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: Dialoguing | 45:19  
Unit 2 BHI: Exploring Our Shadows and 5 Breath Exercise | 22:43  
Unit 3 BHI: Shifting Limiting Beliefs | 28:43  
Unit 4 BHI: Resistance | 34:42  
Unit 5 BHI: Group Call | March 30, 2024  
Module 4 The Pelvic Bowl (Module Available April 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: Exploring Energy | 32:08  
Unit 2 BHI: Working with Pelvic Energy and Sweeping Exercise | 27:23  
Unit 3 BHI: Pelvic Map and Bottom of Bowl | 19:10  
Unit 4 BHI: Blocked Energy Flow Demo Videos | 1:20:17  
Unit 5 BHI: Group Call | April 27, 2024  
Module 5 Stuck/Held Energy Causes (Module Available May 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: 7 Causes of Stuck/Held Energy | 60:23  
Unit 2 BHI: Stuck/Held Energy Demo Video | 8:44  
Unit 3 BHI: Group Call | June 1, 2024  
Module 6 Trauma (Module Available June 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: Trauma Signs/Responses and Release Statement | 54:30  
Unit 2 BHI: Birth Trauma and Limiting Beliefs | 43:28  
Unit 3 BHI: Trauma Demo Video | 56:00  
Unit 4 BHI: Group Call | June 29, 2024  
Module 7 Birth Flow Disruptions, Imprints and Energy Centers (Module Available July 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: Birth Disruptions and Challenges | 46:48  
Unit 2 BHI: 3 Energy Centers/Womb Imprints | 33:22  
Unit 3 BHI: Birth Trauma and Womb Imprint Demo Videos | 1:28:33  
Unit 4 BHI: Group Call | August 24, 2024  
Module 8 Pelvic Organ Energetics (Module Available September 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: Uterus/Ovaries and M/F Archetypes | 30:14  
Unit 2 BHI: Ancestral Patterns | 11:22  
Unit 3 BHI: Pelvic Organ Energetics Demo Video | 26:41  
Unit 4 BHI: Group Call | September 24, 2024  
Module 9 Integration (Module Available October 1st)
Unit 1 BHI: Review Part 1  
Unit 2 BHI: Review Part 2  
Unit 3 BHI: Review Part 3  
Module 10 Live Gathering, Evaluation and Certification
Unit 1 BHI: Live Gathering | November 2 - 3, 2024  
Unit 2 BHI: Course Evaluation (Available November 3, 2024)  
Unit 3 BHI: Final Quiz (Available November 3, 2024)  

A Message From Lynn

This course is a culmination of my heart’s work. It’s my favorite material to teach because of its incredible impact on not only our clients’ bodies and lives, but on yours as well. This information is the missing piece to help you get outstanding client results. The body is a story. Our job is to learn to read it, and this program gives you the tools to do so! I’m honored to mentor you in your learning and healing journey, so you can find more fulfillment in your work and create incredible results with the work you do.

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