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Cracking The Code
Internal Pelvic Floor Treatment

The Missing Links To Successful Intravaginal Work

The Missing Link?  

Yes, it is the “link” between the pelvic bones and the pelvic floor muscles that is missing. 

To achieve the greatest results the pelvic bones need to be engaged before the muscles will respond.

That’s right, internal work must include external work, too!

Increase Your Confidence | Improve Your Skills | Expand Your Knowledge

This course goes beyond the traditional assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor. You all know what I mean… you listen to the client’s complaint, you assess the body, and you proceed with treatment. And, all too often, you achieve marginal improvement. So the client returns over and over again without fully healing. This course will help change that.

This course is intended for professionals licensed to perform internal work.

You will learn how to successfully…

> Decrease the Recovery Time

> Reduce Pain and Discomfort in Fewer Sessions

> Help Women Return to a Fully Functioning Body

What Students Are Saying:

  • Preparing your client’s body for internal work by helping it to know and trust your touch.
  • Preparing yourself by activating the energy in both hands to read your client’s body.
  • Conducting a respectful and safe exam/treatment.
  • Working with both the pelvic bones and pelvic floor muscles for the greatest release and contraction.
  • Working externally with the sphincter muscle.
Module 1 Welcome and Intention
Unit 1 PF: Welcome  
Unit 2 PF: Grounding Visualization  
Module 2 Anatomy of the Vulva
Unit 1 PF: Anatomy of the Vulva  
Module 3 Anatomy and Physiology of the Pelvic Floor Muscles
Unit 1 PF: Anatomy and Physiology of Pelvic Floor Muscles  
Module 4 Internal Work - My Philosophy
Unit 1 PF: My Philosophy  
Module 5 Energy of the Hands
Unit 1 PF: Energy of Hands  
Module 6 Set Up for Internal Work
Unit 1 PF: Set Up for Internal Work  
Module 7 Internal Assessment
Unit 1 PF: Internal Assessment  
Unit 2 PF: External Landmarks and Contractions (Lab)  
Unit 3 PF: Vulvar Assessment (Lab)  
Unit 4 PF: Insertion and Evaluation (Lab)  
Module 8 Treatment of the Pelvic Floor Muscles
Unit 1 PF: Treatment of the Pelvic Floor Muscles  
Unit 2 PF: External Pelvic Floor Muscle Release (Lab)  
Unit 3 PF: Treating Pelvic Floor Muscles (Lab)  
Unit 4 PF: Eval and Treatment of External Anal Sphincter (Lab)  
Unit 5 PF: Pelvic Bowl Sweeping  
Module 9 Exam | Evaluation | Certificate
Unit 1 Exam  
Unit 2 Course Evaluation  
  •  CEUs = 5 hours of CEU credits approved through the state of Colorado and those states with reciprocity.