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Internal Pelvic Floor Treatment

Discover the crucial yet overlooked element in intravaginal work that leads to superior outcomes: incorporating the pelvic bones into your internal treatment. Yes, internal work includes external work, too!

Restore pelvic floor muscles to full function by learning how to work with the pelvic bones, through an approach to internal work that feels safe and respectful to your clients, and learn how to treat restrictions and dysfunction internally with techniques that work.

Bodyworkers New to Internal Work

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5.5 Hours
(with PT CEUs)

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(or as a refresher)

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No, not required.

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Is This Course For You?

YES, if you want greater confidence and improved skills for doing intravaginal work

YES, if you want to know how to do intravaginal work in a way that makes clients feel safe and respected

YES, if you want to learn an easier approach to getting the pelvic floor muscles functioning fully

YES, if you want to know how to work with and treat the pelvic bones to get quicker results with your internal work

YES, if you want to get clients out of pain and into function in fewer sessions

Ready to improve your internal skills?

How Does The Online Course Work?

You will have immediate access to your course upon registration

There are short quizzes throughout the course to ensure learning of key treatment points

There is a downloadable course workbook for note taking and in depth review

This course is offered as an online course and as an annual cohort. Registration for the next cohort will open in February 2025.

Your course includes easy to follow step-by-step instruction and multi-angle videos

Downloadable workbook includes photos and an overview of each technique for quick reference

You have lifetime access to your course creating a valuable reference video library

This course has 5.5 hours of PT CEU credits approved in the state of Colorado and those states that have reciprocity

Objectives and Course Outline

  • Know how to prepare your clients for internal work by letting the body know and trust your touch.
  • Prepare for your sessions by activating the energy in your hands to help guide your treatments.
  • Understand what is needed to conduct a respectful and safe exam and treatment session.
  • Learn how to work with the pelvic bones to create less work when working intravaginally.
  • Learn to treat the pelvic floor muscles to optimize their full functioning.
  • Work externally with the sphincter muscle to restore function.
  • Understand the landmarks and contractions indicators that will help you in your assessments.
Module 1 Welcome and Intention
Unit 1 PF: Welcome | Video: 4:20  
Unit 2 PF: Grounding Visualization | 11:28  
Module 2 Anatomy of the Vulva
Unit 1 PF: Anatomy of the Vulva | 28:24  
Module 3 Anatomy and Physiology of the Pelvic Floor Muscles
Unit 1 PF: Anatomy and Physiology of Pelvic Floor Muscles | 29:00  
Module 4 Internal Work - My Philosophy
Unit 1 PF: My Philosophy | 43:23  
Module 5 Energy of the Hands
Unit 1 PF: Energy of Hands | 3:39  
Module 6 Set Up for Internal Work
Unit 1 PF: Set Up for Internal Work | 15:13  
Module 7 Internal Assessment
Unit 1 PF: Internal Assessment | 25:04  
Unit 2 PF: External Landmarks and Contractions (Lab) | 6:32  
Unit 3 PF: Vulvar Assessment (Lab) | 8:11  
Unit 4 PF: Insertion and Evaluation (Lab) | 14:44  
Module 8 Treatment of the Pelvic Floor Muscles
Unit 1 PF: Treatment of the Pelvic Floor Muscles | 38:31  
Unit 2 PF: External Pelvic Floor Muscle Release (Lab) | 9:59  
Unit 3 PF: Treating Pelvic Floor Muscles (Lab) | 4:20  
Unit 4 PF: Eval and Treatment of External Anal Sphincter (Lab) | 8:43  
Unit 5 PF: Pelvic Bowl Sweeping | 5:20  
Module 9 Exam | Evaluation | Certificate
Unit 1 Exam  
Unit 2 Course Evaluation  

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