Be The Go-To Expert For Moms

When It Comes To Labor and Postpartum Health

Learn the Right Techniques so You can Offer the Best Care to Your Clients

Holistic Treatment to Facilitating Birth and Postpartum Recovery

Upon Completion Of The Online Course, 

You Will…

Increase Your Profitability

Increase your profitability by seeing more new clients as you are able to decrease the number of visits needed for complete healing.

Become The Go-To Expert For Moms

Be the go-to expert as moms share their successful healing stories increasing your referrals.

Achieve Faster Healing For Your Clients

Experience the satisfaction of feeling the changes in the tissues and witnessing the effectiveness of your treatment as your client feels improvement getting off your table.


Learn Over 35 Techniques To Successfully Heal The Common Postpartum Issues

Lab Learning

Hands-on lab demonstration of all techniques
for you to follow along and practice.

Multi-Camera Filming

With multi-camera filming, you will see all the different angles necessary to successfully perform the techniques.

Repetition Built In

Through repetition, a skill is practiced and rehearsed
overtime and gradually becomes habit.

Student Workbook

Complete workbook with written instruction and photos to guide you step-by-step through each technique.

Video Lessons

You are in control of your learning. Pause, stop, replay, or speedup as needed. All are short and concise. 


To ensure understanding and learning, each unit includes a quiz of the key concepts.


The Course Work

What is Needed For Birth
Pelvis and Pelvic Floor Muscles
Other Restrictions
Pelvic Motions for Birth
Labor Considerations
Postpartum Considerations
Intravaginal Work
Further Support

As we start off this course you will learn a powerful grounding meditation and ways to help prepare yourself and the treatment room to implement these techniques.  This introduction also shares with you Lynn’s treatment philosophy and palpation rules that are so important for optimal results with your clients.

Introduction Module Units:

  • Introduction
  • Grounding Meditation

What is Needed For Birth


What is Needed for Birth Module Units:

  • What is Needed for Birth
  • The Abdomen
  • Lower Abdominal Fascial Release
  • Uterine Mobility External | Uterine Mobility on a Pregnant Belly
  • Uterosacral Ligament Release on a Pregnant Belly
  • Pelvic Diaphragm Release
  • Inversion with Abdominal Fascial Release

Pelvis and Pelvic Floor Muscles


Pelvis and Pelvic Floor Muscles Module Units:

  • Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • The Pelvis

Other Restrictions


Other Restrictions Module Units:

  • Other Resctrictions
  • Energy Flow
  • Is the Pelvis Still Birthing?

Pelvic Motions for Birth


Pelvic Motions for Birth Module Units:

  • Pelvic Motions for Birth
  • Hip Rotations During Labor
  • Pelvic Mobilizations to Open Pelvis During Labor

Labor Considerations


Labor Considerations Module Units:

  • Labor Considerations
  • Positions During Labor

Postpartum Considerations


Postpartum Considerations Module Units:

  • Postpartum Considerations
  • Diastasis Recti Assessment
  • Oblique Stretch
  • Pelvic Floor Compressions
  • Exercise to Close the Pelvic Bones
  • Closing the Pelvis After Birth

Intravaginal Work


Intravaginal Work Module Units:

  • Postpartum Pelvic Floor Muscles and Tissues
  • External Pelvic Floor Muscle Release
  • Internal Assessment Entry and Internal Assessment of Vaginal Tissues
  • Internal Assessment of Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Assessing and Treating the Bladder Internally
  • Mobilizing the Cervix
  • Pelvic Floor Muscles and Levator Ani Release
  • Internal Coccygeus Muscle Release
  • Perineal Body and Scar Tissue
  • Anal Sphincter Muscle Release
  • Kinestetic Awareness of Pelvic Floor Muscles for Birthing
  • Intravaginal Work Review

Further Support


Further Support Module Units:

  • Further Support

What Students Are Saying About The Course

“I feel I have finally found the missing puzzle piece to my midwifery practice.”

“I am feeling so privileged to have done this course. I have had the most amazing week of connection with my midwifery clients”

“I had two births this week in which I used your techniques – both were heading for LSCS and both ended in vaginal births after using PFM release techniques”