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When It Comes To Postpartum Health

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Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body External




Upon Completion Of The Online Course, 

You Will…

Increase Your Profitability

Increase your profitability by seeing more new clients as you are able to decrease the number of visits needed for complete healing.

Become The Go-To Expert For Moms

Be the go-to expert as moms share their successful healing stories increasing your referrals.

Achieve Faster Healing For Your Clients

Experience the satisfaction of feeling the changes in the tissues and witnessing the effectiveness of your treatment as your client feels improvement getting off your table.

You Will Aquire The Skills And Gain The Confidence To…

  • Achieve 50% Greater Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength
  • Eliminate Pelvic and Low Back Pain
  • Return Pelvic Floor Organs to Anatomical Position
  • Take the Guesswork Out of Treatment
  • Feel Confident Working with Anal Fissures
  • Attain Pain-Free Intercourse in One Visit
  • Access and Trust Your Intuition for Guidance
  • Get Out of Your Head and into Your Hands

Learn Over 35 Techniques To Successfully Heal The Common Postpartum Issues

Lab Learning

Hands-on lab demonstration of all techniques
for you to follow along and practice.

Multi-Camera Filming

With multi-camera filming, you will see all the different angles necessary to successfully perform the techniques.

Repetition Built In

Through repetition, a skill is practiced and rehearsed
overtime and gradually becomes habit.

Student Workbook

Complete workbook with written instruction and photos to guide you step-by-step through each technique.

Video Lessons

You are in control of your learning. Pause, stop, replay, or speedup as needed. All are short and concise.


To ensure understanding and learning, each unit includes a quiz of the key concepts.





The Course Work

The Pelvis
The Abdomen
Listening Techniques
The Pelvic Floor
Core Activation
The Thoracic Region
Putting It All Together

As we start off this course you will learn a powerful grounding meditation and ways to help prepare yourself and the treatment room to implement these techniques.  This introduction also shares with you Lynn’s treatment philosophy and palpation rules that are so important for optimal results with your clients.

Introduction Module Units:

  • Introduction
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Postpartum Treatment Philosophy
  • Table Set Up
  • Pelvic Anatomy Lecture

The Pelvis

Learn what the pelvic bones go through to allow the baby’s passage and the common patterns that can remain in the pelvis.  Included are 13 Labs, full of mobilizations, that you can use on any of your clients with low back or pelvic pain, especially your moms stuck in the open birthing pattern.

The Pelvis Module Units:

  • The Pelvic Lecture
  • Sacral Rotation Prone
  • Sacral Rotation Mobilization Prone
  • Sacral ILA Mobility Prone
  • Sacral Base Inferior Mobility Glide Prone
  • Sacral Sheer Correction Prone
  • Sacral Mobility Supine
  • Sacral Correction Part 1 Supine
  • Sacral Correction Part 2 Supine Sacral Sheering
  • Ischial Mobility Prone
  • Ischium/Ilium Rebalancing Prone and Supine
  • Ischium/Ilium Correction Options Lecture
  • Ilial Compression Side Lying
  • Ilial Mobility/ASIS Assessment Supine
  • Ilium Ischium Lab Review
  • Pubic Bone Mobility Supine
  • Pubic Rami Treatment Supine
  • Hip Rotation and Leg Pull
  • Pubic Bone/Rami Review
  • Exercise to Close Pelvic Bones

The Abdomen

Learn how to mobilize the belly and the organs affected by pregnancy and labor.  We cover techniques to help with healing of diastasis recti, how to work with cesarean scar tissue, and how to help the bladder and uterus post-birth.  Plus, you will learn how to effectively release the all-important psoas muscles without digging down through the abdomen.

The Abdomen Module Units:

  • Abdomen Lecture
  • Lower Abdominal Fascial Release
  • Bladder Assessment and Treatment
  • Bladder Assessment and Treatment
  • Uterus Assessment and Treatment
  • Broad Ligament
  • Releasing Uterus from Bladder
  • Small Intestines Release
  • C/S Scar Release
  • Diastasis Recti Lecture
  • Oblique Stretch and Recti Release
  • Psoas Lecture
  • Psoas Release Unilateral and Bilateral
  • Abdominal Review

Listening Techniques

Experiencing a new way to assess and treat your client. Learn how to tune into the energy flow in the body and feel what the tissues are wanting to do and how the body is wanting to move to help guide your treatment approach.   We’ll be discussing how to allow your intuition to guide you with your treatment.

Listening Techniques Module Units:

  • Listening Lecture
  • Part 1: General Listening
  • Part 2: Standing Energy Flow
  • Is the Pelvis Still Birthing?
  • Local Listening

The Pelvic Floor

Learn to effectively release the pelvic organs externally and get them back into their proper place so the pelvic floor muscles can function better in your first session.

The Pelvic Floor Module Units:

  • Pelvic Floor Lecture
  • External Palpation of the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Core Activation

Understand how pregnancy affects the abdominal and core musculature in ways that cause problems for our postnatal clients.  In this module you will see examples of poor core activation strategies that we want to change and ways to activate the core in a more supportive manner.

Core Activation Module Units:

  • Core Activation Lecture

The Thoracic Region

You will understand the effects the baby had on the thoracic region and ways you can facilitate release and balance in these tissues.  Also covered is a new way of treating restricted mobility in the thoracic spine and ribcage that you can use on any client that needs it.  Help your postpartum clients release any stuck inhalation patterns and get their thoracic region balanced and moving freely to help with better core activation.

The Thoracic Region Module Units:

  • Thoracic Lecture
  • Liver/Stomach Release and Rebalancing
  • Stuck Inhalation – Lung Release
  • Diaphragm Release
  • Thoracic and Rib Cage Mobility
  • Thoracic Lab Review

Putting It All Together

After learning a TON of new techniques throughout this course, this module helps you to implement this material.  Watch as Lynn demonstrates and walks you through her treatment approach in using this material.  Follow the important steps after the course to help us get you added to our directory of practitioners so moms can find and work with you.

Putting It All Together Module Units:

  • Putting It All Together Lecture
  • Postpartum Technique Prioritization Handout
  • Final Quiz
  • Course Evaluation
  • What’s Next?

What Students Are Saying About The Course

“Such a wonderful course I have enjoyed every stage. I’ve learned so much and Lynn made it so informative and easy to understand. The presentation was clear and interesting and has made my understand of the body and how to assess the information from it so much easier.”

“I loved every moment of this course. Lynn made it so informative and easy to understand that I’m really sad to be finished. I have a whole new understanding of how the body works and how I can listen and assess what needs to be done. One of the best courses I’ve done. “

“I am so incredibly grateful for the invaluable information I took away from this course! I was able to treat a client the next day, with confidence. “

No Time?  No Problem!

In as little as 60-minutes a day, you will increase profitability, heal more clients and become the go-to expert for moms.