Online – Self Paced Course

Holistic Treatment
of the Postpartum Body

A holistic approach to achieving immediate relief
and getting your clients back to pain-free living 


The Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body is a step-by-step online course that teaches you how to successfully treat common and not-so-common postpartum issues. 

Whether you are new to pelvic health or a seasoned physical therapist, this course will transform the way you assess and treat postpartum clients – so you can help them overcome pain, discomfort, and dysfunctions after childbirth.

Course Unit Sneak Peek: Diaphragm Release

What Students Are Saying:

“The course was very good and pulled together and helped me to organize my approach to treating postpartum moms of all ages. I have had a lot of manual courses: CST, visceral, MFR , MET courses and this really presented a nice culmination of how to use these techniques in an effective and efficient manner.”
Shelley B.
“Amazing skill set to learn for all physical therapists whether treating immediate post partum or for women who had babies many years ago.”
Cara H.
“This course made me feel more confident when treating postpartum women. I feel that my mobilizations/releases have improved immensely. ”
Rebecca S.
“This course has given me an entirely new respect and operating paradigm for working with clients. It is profound yet simple and I have seen it change lives already.”
Meagan G.
“I now feel more confident with my manual skills to treat postpartum women, and educating my patients on the multiple factors that influence one’s body.”
Belinda P.


How Does The Online Course Work?

The Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body course materials are immediately available online within your private, student-only portal, and include:

  • 64 transformational, step-by-step video training units.
  • Easy to follow downloadable lecture slides.
  • Course workbook with technique photos and instruction guide for quick reference in the clinic.
  • Short quizzes to ensure learning of key treatment points.
  • Lifetime access, creating a valuable reference video library.
  • 8.5 CEUs and certificate upon completion

Is This Online Course Right For Me?

If you want to learn a holistic treatment approach to gain immediate relief and get your clients back to pain-free living, then YES, this course is for YOU! 

If you are self-motivated and enjoy learning online, then YES, this online course is for YOU!

Our students come from every background, from physical therapists to occupational therapists, chiropractors to midwives. You’ll walk away with a brand new holistic approach to treating clients and a new set of treatment skills, whether you’re new to pelvic health OR a seasoned therapist.



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Course Objectives
Course Outline
Course Objectives

  • Identify restricted mobility of the sacrum, ischium, and pubic symphysis and restore it with proper mobilization techniques.
  • Differentiate between normal spongy bone and abnormal hard bone to renew abnormal bone.
  • Palpate the body to identify blocked energy flow.
  • Palpate diaphragm to identify and release restrictions with proper techniques.
  • Identify the external and internal location of the bladder and uterus, assess and treat.
  • Palpate externally and internally to assess all pelvic floor muscles.
  • Improve pelvic floor muscle strength with proper internal treatment techniques.
  • Distinguish between normal and abnormal bladder positioning to realign the bladder to the midline.
  • Assess, release and rebalance the liver and stomach with proper treatment techniques.
  • Palpate and release muscular restrictions in the anal sphincter.
  • Identify diastasis recti and release the restrictions separating recti muscles.

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body Introduction
Unit 2 Grounding Meditation
Unit 3 Postpartum Treatment Philosophy
Unit 4 Table Set Up
Unit 5 Pelvic Anatomy Lecture
Module 2 The Pelvis
Unit 1 Pelvic Lecture
Unit 2 Sacral Rotation Prone
Unit 3 Sacral Rotation Mobilization
Unit 4 Sacral ILA Mobility Prone
Unit 5 Inferior Glide of Sacrum Prone
Unit 6 Sacral Shear Correction Prone
Unit 7 Prone Sacral Lab Review
Unit 8 Sacral Mobility Supine and Sacral Correction Part 1
Unit 9 Sacral Correction Part 2
Unit 10 Supine Sacral Lab Review
Unit 11 Ischial Mobility Prone
Unit 12 Ilium/Ischium Rebalancing Supine and Prone
Unit 13 Ischium/Ilium Correction Lecture
Unit 14 Ilial Side Lying Treatment and Assessment
Unit 15 ASIS Assessment Supine
Unit 16 Ischium and Ilium Lab Review
Unit 17 Pubic Bone Supine
Unit 18 Pubic Rami Supine
Unit 19 Hip Rotation and Leg Pull Supine
Unit 20 Pubic Bone and Rami Review
Unit 21 Exercise to Close Pelvic Bones
Module 3 Abdomen
Unit 1 Abdomen Tissues Lecture
Unit 2 Lower Abdominal Fascial Release
Unit 3 Bladder Assessment and Treatment
Unit 4 Uterus Assessment and Treatment
Unit 5 Broad Ligament
Unit 6 Releasing Uterus from Bladder
Unit 7 Small Intestines Release
Unit 8 C-Section Scar Release
Unit 9 Diastasis Recti Lecture
Unit 10 Oblique Stretch and Recti Release Lab
Unit 11 Psoas Muscles Lecture
Unit 12 Psoas Release Technique Lab
Unit 13 Abdominal Techniques Lab Review
Module 4 Listening Techniques
Unit 1 Lecture Listening Skills
Unit 2 General Listening Lab
Unit 3 Standing Energy Assessment Lab
Unit 4 Is the Pelvis Still Birthing? Lab
Unit 5 Local Listening Lab
Module 5 The Pelvic Floor
Unit 1 Pelvic Floor Lecture
Unit 2 External Pelvic Floor Muscle Release Lab
Unit 3 Self Exam of Pelvic Floor Muscles Lab
Unit 4 Internal Assessment of the Pelvic Floor Muscles Lab
Unit 5 Assessing and Treating Bladder Internally Lab
Unit 6 Mobilizing the Cervix Lab
Unit 7 Internal Ischial/Levator Ani Release Lab
Unit 8 Coccyx/Coccygeus Muscle Release Lab
Unit 9 Perineal Body and Scar Tissue Release Lab
Unit 10 Anal Sphincter Lecture
Unit 11 Anal Sphincter Lab
Module 6 Core Activation
Unit 1 Core Activation Lecture
Unit 2 Core Activation Protocol
Module 7 Thoracic Region
Unit 1 Thoracic Lecture
Unit 2 Liver/Stomach Rebalancing Lab
Unit 3 Stuck Inhalation – Lung Release Lab
Unit 4 Diaphragm Release Lab
Unit 5 Thoracic and Rib Cage Mobility Lab
Unit 6 Thoracic Lab Review
Module 8 Putting It All Together
Unit 1 Putting It All Together Lecture
Unit 2 Postpartum Technique Prioritization Handout
Unit 3 Final Quiz
Unit 4 Course Evaluation
Unit 5 What’s Next?
Unit 6 Directory Listing

Your Instructor – Lynn Schulte, PT

Lynn Schulte has been a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist for over 30 years and is the principal instructor/founder at the Institute for Birth Healing. She has been helping moms heal from all types of issues women experience after birth and is now teaching courses to physical therapists to share her expertise. After working with thousands of women, she discovered something they all had in common; the “Open Birthing Pattern.” The Open Birthing Pattern results from the pelvic bones and muscles not returning to normal positioning, mobility, and function after birth, creating pain, discomfort, and dysfunction. All of our courses focus on a holistic approach, assessments, and treatment techniques to relieve pain and discomfort and restore function.