Become a Certified Birth Healing Practitioner!

Eligibility & Prerequisites

Am I eligible? 

Any practitioner who has a license to do bodywork and has more than one year of experience can apply for certification.  While it’s helpful to have the ability to do internal work with your licensure, it is not a requirement.  You can still get good results working with moms learning the techniques and skills in these courses without doing the internal work.   There will be an Internal certification for those that do internal work and an External certification for those that do the external work.


    • Licensure that allows hands-on bodywork
    • One-year bodywork experience
    • Anatomy of the pelvis and surrounding muscles
    • Strong Palpation skills

While not necessary, haven taken the following classes are helpful

    • Craniosacral therapy
    • Visceral Manipulation
    • Holistic Pelvic Care with Tami Kent, PT



Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body – this course is an introduction to the specific pelvic mobilization techniques and hands-on skills to assess and treat the pregnant body.  Our focus will be on the pelvic bones, pelvic floor muscles and abdominal tissues as related to birth.

Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body – this course dives deeper into the mobilization techniques of the pelvis and builds on the skills learned in the pregnancy course.  While it’s not necessary to take the pregnancy course prior, those newer to joint mobilization techniques would benefit from taking it first.  Our focus is on healing and treating the effects on the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles and abdomen from birth, addressing the specific needs to promote recovery.  This course also offers you the Schulte Intravaginal Protocol. This protocol helps you to get the best pelvic floor muscle contraction with minimal effort on your part.  When the protocol is followed as instructed you can gain a 30-50% improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength in one visit.  Plus it can be used on any client needing intravaginal work.


Advanced Treatment of the Postpartum Body – this course offers more advanced technique and treatments to the pelvis and pelvic organs.  Another key focus is on the energetic and emotional healing of trauma in the postpartum body addressing how to work effectively with the energy of the pelvic space.  By releasing the energy blocks created from the trauma, moms can experience life-changing outcomes.


Confidence in Your Core, Pelvic Floor, and More Online Course This course gives you all the components needed for a well-functioning core after childbirth.  Have a greater understanding of how to best support your body for healing, activate your core after birth and learn other supportive exercises for recovery and ways to use your body safely while caring for a newborn.  This is the information I want my certified birth healing practitioners to know about core recovery after birth.

Certification Process

    1. Complete the Birth Healing Practitioner Application –  your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by email of status within 5 business days.  The email will guide you through the next steps.
    2. Certification Tuition – $550 testing fee for the certification plus payment for each of the 4 courses individually.
    3. Complete all four courses: Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body, Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body, and Advanced Treatment of the Postpartum Body and Confidence in your Core, Pelvic Floor and More.
    4. We will be offering an External and Internal certification.  Internal is for those that completed the internal coursework and the External for those that do the external portion of the coursework.
    5. After each course, a written exam is given.  Passing is 85% or greater.
    6. After completion of the two Holistic courses a skills assessment is required.  You can do the skills assessment at the Advanced course if you’ve taken both basic courses.  If not you can do it via Skype with you working on a client you will be asked to perform 5 random skills from either course.  Hand placement, technique and treatment knowledge will be assessed.  If not performed correctly a retest will be required and additional fees will incur.
    7. After each course, except for the Core course,  2 case studies will be required covering your patients initial complaints, your assessment, treatments performed and subsequent results of those treatments.   There are a total of 6 case studies needed for certification.