A special message for you from the Institute for Birth Healing!

Welcome to the Institute for Birth Healing  (IBH) community.  I’m so glad you are here.

I’m Lynn Schulte a Women’s health physical therapist and the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing.

Around 10 years ago I started teaching classes to postpartum moms.  I was teaching them about the changes in their bodies after pregnancy and birth.  Mom’s started coming to me for help.  I treated them and I really listened to their bodies.   I’ve developed a skill to be able to sense into the energy of the tissues of the body and can feel what’s really going on.  I feel this skill is really what is missing in care these days.

In working with just postpartum moms I started to see similar patterns in the postpartum body in most of the moms I treated.  I learned how to release these patterns and moms really felt great in their bodies usually after just one session!

At the time I was concerned about the lack of information out in the world on the postpartum body.  Not much was available.  It broke my heart to hear of moms struggles with issues like pain with intercourse, or peeing their pants or having pelvis or low back pains and them not getting the support they needed.   Their providers didn’t have answers for them.   Moms were left to feel they just needed to live with it.

Over the years the postpartum information on the Internet grew but that concerned me even more because a lot of information was really bad!  So now moms are getting really confused as to what to do.   There is so much conflicting information.

So I created videos on my YouTube Channel Institute for Birth Healing of what I was finding in the postpartum body.  I started getting emails from women all over the world.  I even got invited to Russia to present at a Midwifery conference.  Women were asking me for help.  Who could help them with what I was sharing?

This is when I realized I needed to get this work out into other practitioner’s hands.   I created the Institute for Birth Healing to be a resource of good information for moms and practitioners.  The IBH created a certification program to teach practitioners this body of work so they can become Certified Birth Healing Specialists too.  I started teaching courses to body workers on how to listen to the body and help a mom heal after birth.  We are helping them discover they have the gifts of listening too.  They are getting the same fabulous results that I’m getting.  I realized all practitioners have the ability to learn how to help moms heal too.

That’s when I realized I can’t stop until I realize my goal.   I am so passionate about helping moms heal that it’s my goal and vision to see certified Birth Healing Specialists in every city around the world.   And I won’t stop until it happens!

So this is where you come in.   It is the IBH’s mission to create a greater healing experience for moms across the globe.   We believe it’s the birthright of

  • EVERY MOM to have their pelvis and pelvic floor muscles checked prior to birth so they can have the best birth experience for them
  • EVERY MOM should be able to get the care they need for their body to completely heal after birth.

This is the dream of this institute.  Follow me and come along on this journey as we build and expand this dream to touch as many mom’s lives as we can.

Here are 3 ways you can get involved in the growth

  1. Share your story – join our FB group IBH Community
  2. get involved with our community post, comment, and ask questions.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD with other moms and practitioners

Practitioners join in on our trainings.  Become certified as a Birth Healing Specialist.  Stand apart from your colleagues by being more effective in assessing moms prior to birth and in your treatment with your postpartum moms after birth.   Moms love to share good things so your practice can grow exponentially when you specialize in this population and offer a more complete healing to moms.

Please click on the link that resonates best with you and explore greater opportunities to be a part of the Institute for Birth Healing Community!




Thank you for being here and please reach out and let me know how we can help you.

To more beautiful births and more complete recoveries!

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