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Treating the Postpartum Pelvis

The pelvic bones need to move for baby’s passage, and they don’t always return to their optimal position after birth. What position a person was in when their baby came out is essential knowledge for your assessment and treatment plan

The pelvic mobilization techniques you will learn in this course will help you identify the causes of and treatment for pelvic pain, back pain or pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. These techniques should be done prior to any intravaginal work.

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YES, if you want greater confidence working with postpartum clients

YES, if you want to know how to identify AND treat the patterns with the biggest impacts on the body

YES, if you want to easily get the pelvic floor muscles stronger so they function better

YES, if you want to know how to work with and treat the pelvic bones in your postpartum clients

YES, if you want to learn the physical manipulations to get clients out of pain and restore function

YES, if you want to take your practice to the next level

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How Does The Online Course Work?

You will have immediate access to your course upon registration

There are downloadable lecture slides and a course workbook for note taking and in depth review

There is a short quiz at the end of the course to ensure learning of key treatment points

This course is offered as an online course and as an annual cohort. Registration for the 2024 cohort will open in August 2024.

Your course includes easy to follow step-by-step instruction and multi-angle videos

Downloadable workbook includes photos and an overview of each technique for quick reference

You have lifetime access to your course creating a valuable reference video library

This course has 3.25 hours of PT CEU credits approved in the state of Colorado and those states that have reciprocity

Course Unit Sneak Peak: Sacral Mobilization Lab

  • Identify the 3 common patterns in the postpartum pelvis
  • Treat the 3 common patterns in the postpartum pelvis
  • Provide clients with an exercise to close the pelvis after birth
  • Identify how the pelvic bones move during birth
  • Identify how the pelvic bones may be misaligned after birth
  • Learn the effects of the bones being out of position
  • Learn ways to facilitate balance in the pelvis again
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 TPP: Intro to Treating the Postpartum Pelvis | 2:06  
Unit 2 TPP: Table Set Up | 3:33  
Unit 3 TPP: Treatment Rules and Guidelines | 19:09  
Module 2 The Pelvis
Unit 1 TPP: The Pelvis | 39:05  
Unit 2 TPP: Pelvic Motions for Birth | 14:01  
Unit 3 TPP: Palpation of the Pelvis (Lab) | 9:17  
Module 3 Sacral Flexion Pattern
Unit 1 TPP: Sacral Flexion Pattern | 11:44  
Unit 2 TPP: Assessing for Sacral Flexion (Lab) | 12:11  
Unit 3 TPP: Mobilizing Sacral Flexion (Lab) | 8:10 (2 Videos in Unit)  
Unit 4 TPP: Home Program for Treating Sacral Flexion (Lab) | 2:49  
Unit 5 TPP: Case Study On Sacral Flexion Pattern | 7:36  
Module 4 Common Postpartum Pattern
Unit 1 TPP: Common Birth Pattern | 14:01  
Unit 2 TPP: Sacral Rotation - Prone (Lab) | 4:57  
Unit 3 TPP: Inferior Glide On Sacrum - Prone (Lab) | 5:45  
Unit 4 TPP: Sacral Mobilization - Supine (Lab) | 4:37  
Unit 5 TPP: Sacral Sheer - Prone and Supine (Lab) | 6:06  
Unit 6 TPP: Body Reactions (Lab) | 5:16  
Module 5 Posterior Sacrum
Unit 1 TPP: Posterior Sacrum (Lab) | 4:50  
Module 6 Ischial Splay
Unit 1 TPP: Ischial Splay | 11:28  
Unit 2 TPP: Ilium/Ischium Rebalancing (Lab) | 4:18  
Unit 3 TPP: Exercise To Close The Open Birthing Pattern (Lab) | 3:26  
Module 7 There Is More
Unit 1 TPP: There's More | 5:00  
Module 8 Course Evaluation and Final Exam
Unit 1 TPP: Course Evaluation  
Unit 2 TPP: Final Exam  

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