Lynn Schulte | All About Scars

Show Notes:

What happens when scar tissue is super painful, very hard, immobile, or does not want to let go?

In today’s episode Lynn addresses what scar tissue is and what you can do to help it release. 

There are multiple types of scars – hypertrophic, keloid, atrophic, and contraction to name a few. For those working in the birth and postpartum space, you are mostly encountering hypertrophic and keloid scars post tears, episiotomies and c-sections. Factors such as genetics, wound location, tension through the wound, infections, emotions and trauma play a role as to what type of scar develops. 

Lynn talks about how you can help your clients navigate the emotions linked to the incident that created the scar and other tools on how to work with and release scar tissue. Scars love gentle compression! Tune in to today’s podcast to learn more.

If you want to learn more about the energetics and emotion linked to scar tissue, stay tuned for more information on the Birth Healing Intensive coming in February 2023.

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